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Robs recommended Harness selection for 2023

Harnesses come in every shape you fancy these days, we are positively spoilt for choice but in truth, I’m still keen on a handful of solidly built models from seasoned manufacturers.

In truth, you can thermal and Xc fly on any harness you fancy, I tend to recommend students and pilots alike to invest in new harnesses time and time again. Once you get them set up right they are the got comfy seat or sofa at home. They are the receptors to the messaging system of the glider that speaks to the pilot about where the lift might be and where the rowdier air is. Any information that allows for understanding and reacting to the air you’re flying in is super valuable. Your harness, your happy place is where you share your most memorable moments be it exhilarating or damn right blood pressure popping!


In the classic sit-up open harness category, I’ve been taken by three harnesses this year. 

Skywalk harnesess

The Gin Gingo Airlite 4 is both a dream to get into and super lightweight as it's a no-frills airbag, all made in Gins' new stylish cloth. Attach a standard wing and semi-lightweight reserve and it's a pack weight of 12-14 kilos from small to large!


My favourite in terms of comfort, long supportive back length, clever tech, and very good back protection is the Skywalk Cruise. Back protection is an airbag with is filled by an electric pump that fits neatly into the pocket, the pump even can be used to recharge your phone. There are lots of nice touches of course and it packs down properly small for such a pro harness, this, like its Advance Success 5 competition, is another top-drawer harness and is both top end in the price stakes. Gin Airlite 4


Semi lightweight harnesses

…. and I mean the variety that doesn’t look like dodgy bondage gear

Have never looked so good. Check out the Skywalk Breeze, also the Core the Advance Easiness 3 has to be the go-to model, both are modular if you do a bit f speed flying or just want a coastal lightweight or top to bottom hike and fly option.


New pod harnesses

Gin Genie pod or Sup Air Delight

Well here the market is buzzing

Have a gander at Sup airs new Delight 4, another great looker is the Gin Genie lite 3 and of course the Advance Lightness 3 from Advance. I can’t fault any of these in truth. Ozone is bringing out a new Forza.

The older Forza although bulky was my first pod and in truth one of the comfiest I’ve ever actually owned, as I’ve got tired of the bulk more than the weight I’ve graduated to lighter-weight models like the lightness and Ozium. 

Gin Genie pod or Sup air delight 4

 I’ve now landed on the Advance Impress 4, its quite honestly the best pod I’ve had to date, the only downside apart from the extra weight to its lighter sister is the price but once you’ve flown it hopefully the searing pain of having bought it will have been forgotten as its a harness to keep.


Lightweight pods

Here’s a new growth market, flexible harnesses that encourage walking up hills with your kit. Well check out either the Little cloud option or Air design Le sock, other notable models include Advances wonderful Weightless and the popular BV1 from Ozone

Air design Le Sock


Buying a pod harness means getting some advice, and pondering what exactly you want from your flying, The major brands all produce really good kit but remember a lot of design work has been put into these paragliding harnesses, and equally, you'll need to take some time getting them set up just right. 

BV1 from ozone

Either way, we are here on hand, we have been advising paragliders and paramotor pilots alike for twenty years so feel free to get in touch via Dylan on whats app via the site shop or me directly via email [email protected]


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