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Syride Sys’GPS Review

Syride sys'gpsDon’t be mistaken by its small and compact size. The Syride SYS GPS packs a lot of features and you are sure to be impressed by its ease of use. Small enough to fit neatly on your risers or as part of your deck.

There are ome notable features on this great piece of kit. The built-in Velcro strapping system, intelligently designed to tightly fit your risers or open them up to fit flush the device flush on your flight deck is highly practical and seems well engineered. It also has a small loop to secure it although it is highly unlikely the Velcro strapping on this device will ever fail you.

Setup and use was so simple. Turning on the unit prior to take off was enough, the unit detects when in flight and records the flight automatically. It’s possible to customise the screens although for reviewing the unit I took it straight from the box and flew with it. The standard display settings were adequate and extremely useful.

To accurately review the Sys’GPS it was used alongside another two instruments and the variable choice of display information appeared to be pretty accurate. In fact, I much preferred the Sys’GPS over the other devices in use. The ease of setup and use stood out in comparison. Navigating the menu and making changes to the device for my second flight was a dodle and looking back on recorded flights was also very easy and quite useful.

Syride sys'gpsCustomising the unit is not difficult using the same USB cable you charge the unit with. Simply plug the unit into your PC and using the Syride Computer Suite. In all honesty I found the website and the software not so straightforward to use. 

On a whole the Sys’GPS is a fantastic unit, affordable, has an amazing battery life, is rugid compact and performs even better than my high end (now seemingly heavily priced) device.                                               

DO Buy this if:

  • You want simplicity and ease of use.
  • It is your first instrument. 
  • You want something compact yet powerful.

DON"T Buy this if:

  • You are XC hungry and will need airspace maps.

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