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Advanced SIV Paramotoring Training

Build some confidence and learn some solid skills

Paramotor S.I.V

FlySpain have over ten years experience of coaching SIV both in Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Now from our full-time base here in Spain we can offer a bespoke paramotor experience to pilots who might not have had the opportunity to practise some of the most basic to the more dynamic pilot skills needed to build confidence

Tailoring courses to pilots' needs - SIV Club

Not only do our courses comprise pilots making their first pilotage courses, we also offer more advanced manoeuvres like stalls and spins for more experienced pilots, so if you've done a pilotage or SIV course elsewhere and want to up the billing just ask. Tailoring courses to pilots needs is crucial for pilot progress

Your regular Xc pilot almost never ponders stalling a glider, we concentrate on keeping them in one piece and going around in circles but deflations in thermic air can happen so preparation is everything! See one of our videos for some idea

So.... Pilotage, a course aimed at boosting your confidence not wrecking it!

For many years we've realised that if you have come into flying purely through paramotoring then you can naturally miss out on the chat feedback you get around fliers whose daily thermic flying includes the anecdotal chat about rough air and deflations. Although many paramotor pilots intially begin their flying at the quieter times of day they soon want to push their window of flying without the skill set of prior knowledge of what to do with thermic or more turbulent air. Our courses are aimed at improving this important skill set.

Course Syllabus

  • Three days Towing over the lake without a motor
  • Includes full briefings and a personal plan of manoeuvres per your level of experience
  • Use of our tow bridles and paramotors
  • Tow rating at end of the week
  • Safety boats and buoyancy aids

What  you need to bring

  • The regular wing you like to paramotor or a paraglider if you prefer
  • Helmet, harness and reserve ( if you don't have them we can help for the two days of towing)
  • 2-metre radio
  • Travel insurance to cover medical repatriation

One last thing...the small print!

You'll be potentially using our paramotors at the end of the week to go flying with, it's a skills course, we expect you to be able to take off and land without pranging a prop...hence we will ask you to cover expenses if you prang prop or cage!

Paramotor & Paraglider SIV teaser
Paramotor & Paraglider SIV training

1000€ p/week

Includes 4 days of SIV

Check availability

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