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Nepal Paragliding Charity Appeal

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Nepal Paragliding Charity AppealParagliding is a rare privilege and the pilots and instructors at FlySpain try and share just that every week students and pilots who come out to visit us. Many of us have flown in Nepal and are keen to help a country that  in this moment desperately  needs our help.

In January of this year, I travelled with  a group of twelve others/pilots were extremely privileged to get a taste of both the flying and culture in Nepal, a mountainous flying arena, inhabited by some of the most genuine  and gracious people I have ever met.

The Nepali people made a huge impression on everyone who got to witness their admirable generosity and kindness and FlySpain would like to provide this incredibly strong community with a channel of cash flow, however, great or small in a time when anything offered will help.

Karma Flights 

FlySpain is partnering with KarmaFlights, a team of like minded professional paragliding pilots who provide charity tandem flights throughout the world to make a difference in the communities where we fly.

100% of all donations to KarmaFlights go toward providing relief for the Nepali people in the Gorkha region, surrounding the epicentre of the earthquake.

They have been voted best NGO in Nepal by Stern Magazine, they´re local, there´s no overloaded admin body to pay, just people helping people.

Later on, we will carry on supporting Nepal is whatever way Karma flights would like some help, typically the earthquake will have dented it's tourism business so typically we'll make a concerted effort to run another trip there next year.

Currently, all fundraising for Nepal is going into the countryside villages after the country was left devastated in April 2015 by the tragic Gorkha earthquake. 

All donations made will be funnelled to the Karma fights team, a project of the Cloudbase Foundation, to distribute in Nepal

What does your donation do?

The time we spent flying in Nepal allowed us to see first-hand the outstanding work KarmaFlights does for the local community, involving anything that will provide comfort and happiness to the entirely selfless Nepali people.

During our expedition through the popular Pokhara, we visited a stunning flying site next to  Dhikidanda, a small village terraced with mustard and paddy fields just in front of the famous Green Wall. Behind this launch site, a local primary school presented a talk to us to thank visiting pilots and KarmaFlights for the positive influence and change they have had in the area.

Fly Spain Nepal trip photo 3Among many activities, KarmaFlights sponsor a handful of children from nearby schools with something as simple as providing ten children with regular school dinners and school provisions. Additional aid can include anything from paying for the children’s school supplies and building a slide for their playtime to adding roofing over the school facilities to keep them safe and secure.

How do I donate?

Either click below or when you book a course you´ll be asked if you would like to donate to Nepal, simple really, up until the end of this year we will offer 5 Euros for every donation made at FlySpain. 


The Law of Karma ¨As you give, you shall receive¨


To make a donation direct click below

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