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Paragliding Training in Algodonales, Spain

Algodonales is situated in possibly the most beautiful corner of Andalucia, it is a traditional Andalucian village well away from crowds of the Costa de Sol. It's quite unlike the dry interior or the arid plains to the east. A countryside, rich in almond trees, Citrus, Olive plantations and arable land.

The mountain pico towers 5,000 ft above Andalucia's most impressive looking white village, Zahara. This tiny village is set against the fantastic mountain backdrop while the lake beneath holds courts across the valley from Algodonales and is famed for both its high perched Moorish castles as well as it moving religious festivals. 

May festival in AlgodonalesRoman Amphitheatres

Just 30 minutes away and conveniently next to an age old paragliding site, stands the favourable remains of Acnipo, a Roman amphitheatre with its spectacular views across the Montecorto valley towards the cork forests of the oldest Grazalema National park.

Every pilot who visits is always smitten by the local Spanish vibe, relaxed nature of the restaurants, the impromptu fiestas and incredible beauty of the area, never mind the weather.

An area suited for all activities

The area lends itself well to paragliding as it also has a comfy mix of mountains, English style ridges and flatlands. It goes without saying that apart from the overwhelming choice of activities like walking, mountain bikinghorse riding, plus a raft of mountain obscurities.

A province of fiestas!

It's easy to get lost in Andalusia's regular fiestas. They kick off with Cadiz's Carnival middle of February, to the religious celebrations of Semana Santa, here in Algodonales on the 2nd May they celebrate a realistic reenactment of Napoleons 1810 invasion of Spain. 

Just up the road in towards Cadiz and Jerez, the historic battles of Trafalgar mix with the new Sherry estates of Jerez, San Luca, and the imposing once frontier towns of Arcos de Frontier.

If you're looking for the perfect sundowner then a trip to any of the white mountain village and then a Hamman  Bath is a perfect way to finish your day

Something for everyone

All this and all within hours drive, of course, you're here to fly but by all means, bring a partner or family - we aim to cater for everyone.


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