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Paramotoring Holidays in Spain

Use our paramotors & concentrate on your Holiday adventure

Paramotor Camping Safari

We're going on Safari

Join us for 6 days of Paramotoring Adventure across the stunning scenery of Southern Spain. We will Paramotor across the beautiful landscapes of Andalucia, taking in the stunning sights from the air and camp each evening (locations weather dependant). With our BHPA qualified instructors, 20 years of flying in Spain and full back up you couldnt be in better hands. 

Full back up

Our retrieve van will allow you to fly freely each day, following on the ground with your belongings, spares and camping equiptment (provided by Flyspain). Just bring your wing and coms, we will provide the motor. 

For more information just contact us via Enquiries here. To book simply go to our Calender and book in directly.

Guided Paramotor Tour


Includes airport transfers, accommodation (camping), motor hire

Check availability

Paramotor Holidays

Bespoke holidays-MAX 4 pilots

Want to travel with your unit but struggle by ridgid Air freight regs? We have a solution. We at FlySpain are passionate about flying paramotors, our successful paramotor courses and tuition have led students to ask us for a guided option much like what we offer in Paragliding.

 We are offering weeks thoughout the year where you bring the glider you fly at home plus your instruments, comms kit etc and we rent you the motor unit and offer guidance and paramotoring holidays around the beautiful area of Andalucia.

Watch the video of Ric and Russ on a 40 k flight to Montellano castle 

Route options

Push your paramotor boundaries and explore our beautiful South corner of Andalucia, we´ve loads of great paramotor routes to explore.

The First day will be familiarisation with our motor units, geography of the area and an orientation flight. . The remainder of the week will be made up of a mix of out and return routes, overnight stays plus an opportunity for some thermalling practice.

  • Beach tour; we'll either fly there and cruise back with the sea breeze or drive there for the journey up and down the coast between Trafalga and Tarifa. If the weather looks good we may also overnight and fly back the following day. 
  • Castle tour; the Moors held Spain for 8 centuries and made a huge impression on its landscape, We have a stunning route taking in these beautiful castles from the air.
  •  Lake tour: back in the day Southern Spain was historically very dry so plans were made to create a huge collection of water resevoirs, on our lakes run we'll take you to some of the most beautiful places for a picnic!

We also offer a midweek trip away, fully supported by GPS tracker and driver, we'll aim to fly to Cordoba, spend the night in the historic town and either fly back and or venture further afield before we have to head home.

All our routes are supported with a vehicle and driver. Accommodation would be at our popular Eagles nest for the most part. 


Ideally you need to have either a BHPA Cp power ticket OR equivelent and at least twenty current hours flying a paramotor unit.

N.B - If you´ve ever fancied  joining the BHPA we can arrange that during the week including your assessment for your licence, just email us to order your exam paper.


Airport transfer, transportation during the week and all accomodation costs, use of our Paramotor units.



We don´t supply wings or comms, we sell them but we don´t rent them out

Any fuel you burn during the week

Damage incurred to the motor unit, so to save any embarrassment you´ll need to bring a credit card to cover any possible incident.

Stunning March Paramotor Holiday
Fly Spain Paramotoring
Paramotor safari 2013

1550€ p/week

Includes Airport Transfers, Accommodation, Power unit & Retrieve

Check availability

Club Pilot Power Plus

Polish ground, launch  and landing skills, achieve pilot and navigation tasks, option to sit pre-ordered pilot exam

Aimed specifically at either rusty or low airtime pilots. So if you still feel like landings and take off's need brushing up.

  • Who Can come Paramotoring - Any Bhpa or non Bhpa pilot wanting to either convert or build confidence in their flying game
  • What can I expect ? - Friendly launches, big landing fields, Instructors on hand, time spent polishing our ground handling, maybe trying a better style. Tips and tricks to give you confidence when you go back home
  • Aim of week - Boost Airtime and confidence
  • Aim of Week - Achieve pilot rating
  • How often do they run ? - Monthly
  • When is the best time to come Paramotoring? - From September through to late Mid May
  • When do they run - Saturday to Saturday
  • What do I need - own glider, helmet and comms, including a 2 mtr Radio

If you are unsure what course would be most suitable then do drop us a line, we are here to help!

Paramotoring at the beach
Zero to Hero with Darren Scout Paramotors
Stunning March Paramotor Holiday

1250€ p/week

Including accommodation, transfers and 6 days coaching

Check availability

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