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Paramotor Lessons for Beginners

Learn with Europe's largest school

Paramotor Zero-Hero

New! Zero to Hero courses are 10 days of Paramotor Tuition

Max 6 students!

Our comprehensive course will fast-track you into Paramotoring. We specialise in smaller groups and use tow or hill for initial flights. You'll progress quickly from an introduction to equipment and then to launch practice, as soon as we see you are happy with flying and landing we can move onto progressive first flights with a motor. 

The benefit of our unique blend of FlySpain training in a small group means we'll have more time to spend with you on the machines themselves quickly getting to the Paramotor Club Pilot level. Upon successful completion of the course, you will obtain your BHPA Club Pilot qualification.

  • Who Can do it - Anyone (14 yrs and above, but there is a safety weight limit of 110 kg) - see our FAQs for an idea of fitness
  • Previous Experience needed - None, perfect for complete beginners 
  • Objective - Beginner ab intio flying towards completion of Club Pilot Power rating
  • Included - All equipment, tuition, great accommodation in our beautiful houses, and airport transfers
  • Not included - BHPA membership, you will need a 12 or 24-month membership to receive your BHPA rating.
  • Extra - Our 10-day course allows us to go Above and Beyond the Club Pilot course, working through valuable Pilot tasks

What are the benefits of doing the longer Ep beginners course followed by the Club Pilot Paramotor course? If you have some interest in paragliding the Elementary Pilot course gives you the basics of both sports, you can use this to then go on and complete the Club Pilot Paramotor course. 

 - Learn to fly Trike 

There is now a formal UK qualification regarding licensing of trike flying as a foot-launched aircraft. They will run alongside our popular Club pilot Paramotor & Conversion courses and Zero to Hero courses but are more likely to feature between late October to April. There is an additional charge as trike training requires a little more manpower, and you do need to book in advance Enquire here

One last thing...the small print!

Because the Paramotors are a very expensive piece of equipment we operate a 'You Break, You Pay' scheme.  Its very rare for breakages to happen but when they do responsibility needs to be taken. You are also welcome to send your own equipment over to train on as an alternative. 

Save £500 when you buy engine and wing together

Paramotor course explainer
Zero to Hero Paramotor Courses 2020
Paramotor Fustics pre flight checks

2950€ p/person

Inc airport collection, accommodation, kit hire, 10 days tuition and transportation during the course.

Check availability

Club Pilot Paramotor & or Conversion Course

Already proficient in Paragliding or achieved the Elementary paraglider course and want to crossover to Paramotoring? 

Common Questions

  • Previous experience – Beginners Paragliding Ep course, Paragliding Hill Cp or Tow.
  • Group size – a Max of 6 students per course
  • Duration –  Theory and flying every waking hour for 6 days!
  • Objective -  BHPA Qualification, CP Power license, confident flying skills, and healthy flying knowledge.
  • Included -  Accommodation, 5 days tuition, equipment and airport transfers
  • Great Deals on the combined wing and Motor units delivered to your door!
  • Who can do it  - 14 Years and above, suits all ages, (see FAQs for guidelines on fitness).
  •  Do I need 5 days tuition -  2 or 3 should do it but you'd use the rest of your time consolidating skills and getting your Pilot tasks achieved

Extras -

  • You will need a Full 12 or 24-month BHPA membership
  • In case of breakages (.i.e.prop or cage)Damage incurred to the motor unit, so to save any embarrassment you´ll need to bring a credit card to cover any possible incident.

Want to learn to Fly Trike

This year we will be teaching on Trikes, there is now a formal UK qualification regarding the licensing of trike flying as a foot-launched aircraft. They tend to run over our winter months and sometimes run alongside our popular Club pilot Paramotor & Conversion courses. They require additional manpower and equally we charge extra for that. Enquire here

Paramotoring at the beach
PPG review

1750€ p/week

Includes accommodation with pool, free airport collection, all equipment, tuition and transportation during the course

Check availability

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