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Robs' recommended gliders for 2023

Sky high with FlySpain


The paragliding market is seeing a lot of changes, the most obvious one is the huge increase in manufacturing costs, fabric, fuel, and the decline in the value of the dollar have all been forcing manufacturers to raise their prices.


On a more positive note.

As manufacturers come out of the pandemic fugue, some have been brushing up on their glider range. There are some really interesting designs coming down from the Comp class to two liner C’s. They don’t always offer up the handling of the C las as we know it but they do offer up access to a wonderful category of new machines that can glide and cut into the wind under speed. For the enthused and current Xc pilot they will be stunningly popular.

This Spring will see a raft of no doubt, wonderful gliders from Gin with their New Bonanza 3 two liner, Ozone with the Photon, and even Advance is apparently working on a new C two-liner.

ozone new 2 liner Photon


New accessible Mid B’s for 2023

New B category gliders

Anyway, more down-to-earth and accessible models are found just here. Last year we sold lots of Vivos, a nicely tailored low/mid B glider by Air Design.


This year our sights  on three new intermediates will also have in the school

  • Advances new Epsilon 10 DLS  Advance gliders sold at flyspain

The DLS stands for lightweight fabrics but the Epsilon stands for decades of evolution by Advance, who have always spoilt us with brilliantly made, high-performing yet precise handling mid B gliders accessible even to talented beginners. The Epsilon 10 will be heralded as the benchmark for 2023. We’ve ordered demos to have in the school, which should be with us Mid February (the only downside is a five month waiting list for orders), so please ask if you are out on any of our courses for a go.


  • Gin  Evora  Gin glider sold at flySpain

The next wing on the horizon is a new B-category glider from Gin, it should be in Europe for January, it’s a departure from the Atlas, offering accessible more performance, new shape and profile. Expect more product info during January and models arriving through February.

Gin Evora - new B glider












Ozone Buzz 7 Ozone buzz glider sold at flySpain

And finally, we hope to see Ozone bring out a revised Buzz 7, it's long overdue, but they’ve been busy bringing out so many top-end gliders, the Swift 6, a C two liner & the Zeno 2 etc, I think its high time we saw a new Buzz this Spring...There should be some enviable trickle-down tech form the higher-performing gliders into the mid-B cat.

We will again be offering Free customs colours when it arrives for the first 6 months, delivery times will be aprox 40 days.


Skywalk Cumeo 2 glider sold at FlySpain

In the high B Category


What a great category to upgrade to, performance, handling of an older C class with B passive safety, what’s not to like?!

So there are lots of contenders, in the Full Fat category, heavier weight fabrics slim risers as opposed to simply string - some of my favourites are the Rush 6, which you will have seen on  Spanish guided Courses. Gins Avid is the heavier set brother of the stunning handling Explorer 2. Skywalk make some very sweet handling gliders like the Arak and Arak Air, the Chilli.


Lighter weight wings

Lighter weight contenders like the Iota, the Rise 4 and the Swift Six make for energetic semi-lightweight or hike fly and party XC wings. Skywalk has just brought their lightweight version of the Chilli called the Cumeo2. It's another buzzing category.

Most companies now offer a lightweight alternative, this lighter-weight category is super popular, many pilots like the added handling of the thinner cloth, and I’m told pilots believe there’s a little less inertia in pitch in thermic air.

Either way, it’s a category growing in popularity,  the lighter fabrics have proved how durable they are regardless of being a kilo plus lighter.If you don't not like the lighter-weight risers, there’s often an option to mix and match what you like regarding riser attachments.


A class gliders 

And finally wings for the new pilot and talented beginners, well your always spoilt for choice there, Ozone has a new Moxie, Advance their fabulous Alpha 7, Air Design their new Easy 3, and Gin's new Bolero & Calypso... all splendid wings, price colour and size sort of dictates what you fancy here.

FlySpain sells any glider you fancy, I’ve highlighted a mix of brands above, that we have been dealing with for many years but equally we sell a mix of Nova gliders, Phi wings, and Skywalk…they all have pros and cons, they can all have an off year, hence my suggestions above for 2023.

Either way, if you'd like any advice, or want to part-ex your current glider please get in touch with me direct [email protected]

Part ex deals

Trade in your current glider, if it's two years old, we'll pay top money against a new glider, if comes with a current inspection, again we will offer handsome money on new gliders.

Gin AVid high b class glider





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