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Gin Carve Review

Gin Carve ReviewI’ve been flying the 18m Gin Carve for roughly 2 and half months and there isn’t a single aspect of the wing that I can criticise.

Handling Characteristics...

The dynamic response and the liveliness for more freestyle/ acrobatic style flying is easily controllable and precise. Never has the wing responded in a way I found to be too much. Another aspect I was most impressed by the Gin Carve was the wing's cross country capabilities.

Having flown it through some pretty rough air and have never experienced collapses or deflations. It’s a solid aerofoil with brilliant airspeed and stability. I’m also massively impressed by the Carve's versatility. It is both an incredible PPG wing as well as a fun small wing to play with while soaring with a free flight harness. I have used it for soaring on coastal dunes and was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the wing soaring alongside paragliders in moderate conditions.

Experience Required!

carve gloderThe wing is aimed at intermediate to experienced pilots and I very much agree with this, it is not an ideal wing for low airtime pilots. It’s dynamic characteristics and it’s ease to develop energetic manoeuvres could prove to be too much to handle for non-current pilots. If you’re a current pilot looking to progress and practice acrobatics and slalom based manoeuvres, then this is the wing for you!

Recommended airtime for progressing onto this wing, minimum 50-60 hours with experience in manoeuvres such as wing overs and spirals. As well as at having completed at least one SIV/ Pilotage course.

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