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Mark Evans

Who would have thought that, in just 3 days - yes, 3 days - a skinny young whipper snapper just out of nappies, a hairy hill billy who hates Land Rovers, a Buddhist ginger Yorkshireman from Jersey and a small Andalucian rescue dog would be able to teach a scruffy bunch of smelly yetis like us to fly a massive nylon sheet from the top of a large hill and into a small field. Well, 8 out of 9 of us!!!!Complete idiots take a little longer!  Unbelievable. Great to meet you all and good luck with whatever flying you go on to master. And a HUGE thank you to Rob, Jack, Niall and Winston for getting me airborne again, making me smile and keeping me in one piece. Quite some challenge. All the best and stay safe. Mark

Colin Edgar

Morning Sue,

Would just like to thank Fly Spain and the team (Niall, Theo, Marcus and Cameron with his drone) for a brilliant week on my EP course.

Their knowledge, passion and expertise were brilliant to see and the rest of the gang on the course made it a memorable week.

Apprehensive to start with and not knowing what I was letting myself in for, I had the most exciting weeks holiday for a long time.

If anyone else having these same thoughts and after being on the course, I would thoroughly recommend they ‘go for it’.

All the best for the future and thanks again.

Joe May

Fly Spain is really well set up and there is a very strong group of people who work there. Let's start with the basics. The accommodation is good, not quite a hotel but totally comfortable and the view is amazing. For money I don't see how you could do better. The minibuses; they are better then all of the other paragliding operations in the area and they have just invested in new one.

The flying area; it's super adventurous, scenic beyond words and very forgiving. I've been in thermals 8 m/s up, topped out at 11,000 ft and never had a sticky situation there. Epic xc's during the days and floaty flights in the evening. What to fly with Vultures? There are so many you will get board of them!

Sure, there are non flyable days but that's paragliding and the instructions take you off to do other stuff. The town; really cheap but good quality food. Lots of choice too. The whole town comes out each evening and it's a great atmosphere. This is rural Spain at its best. Watch out for the G&T's, there just fill the glass up with gin!

And finally the staff - they reflect the sport and the area. If you are in a rush to run off a mountain then you are going to hurt yourself. The instructions are cool, calm, knowledgeable and will help you to get the most out of your holiday. I have observed that they do a great job of attending to the needs of each individual in the group. I have been there for 3 weeks now and I'm going back very soon. For me, it has everything.

Michelle Constaine

Dear Rob,
Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for such a great week last week.  Although the flying conditions weren’t ideal, I still had a really fun time and very much appreciated the efforts that you all went to to try and get our group as many flights as possible.
Niall and Ross were both brilliant, and even an over-anxious worrier like me felt very safe in their hands.  You run a great company and, baby and toddler allowing, I’d love to come back again sometime soon.
I wish you luck for a good rest of the year, and thank you again for all that you did to make the week as enjoyable as it could be – I haven’t laughed and smiled so much in a long time J
Best wishes,
Michele x

Peter & Jason guided week

An educational week for me, learnt loads, know what to go away and do - loved it!

Richard Akerley

Check out the video snippet after a guided week here in Spain

It´s been a great week, everyones been fun, I´ve had a top time plus got loads of flying in and got my ticket. Thank you all very much

Neil Forster

Many thanks to the fly Spain team, from the airport pickup to the accomadation and training all was supremely well organised. Excellent facilities and instructors, all keen to get the most out of the conditions and their pupils. Algondonales is a fantastic  destination for paragliding, with epic nightlife and friendly locals. Thanks, to Ric and Rob, and all the local people who made this holiday a fantastic and revitalising holiday- I recommend it to any pilots needing more airtime or a superb break from the 9-5 . Thanks all.

Hi Rob, Tony, Nic and the gang,

Just a quick note to say thank you for my weeks CP course.  The level of expert training and constant reasurance (Im sure we tested Robs and Tony's endurance to the limits) enabled me to complete the weeks course.  That coupled with what must be some of the best flying sites anyware not to mention top notch accomodation (in a fantastic hill side villaige) made the experience very special.  The soar at the beach will always be my favourite flight.  I will be returning as and when able.

Hi Nic and Rob,
Just a quick email to say thank you for such a fantastic 2 weeks completing my CP Power course.
Every member of your team are fantastic. They are all friendly, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. Their wealth of experience in Paragliding and Paramotoring is evident. There is a genuine enjoyment in imparting their knowledge which carries on long into the night over a beer or two!
Ross, Simon, Ric and Stu were great over the two weeks and I would wholeheartedly recommend Flyspain to anyone considering taking up the sport.

I really hope to be able to come back next year and spend another great week in Algo.

Andy McCloud

You´ve a great combo of knowledge, skills, patience and environment, cheers guys!

Dear Nic and Rob,

A belated message to say thank you very much for a great CP plus week. Nic, thanks for all your emails sorting out my travel plans!

I had an amazing week... Conquered a few demons and learnt a lot. 

Rob, Lee and Russ

Can I just take this opportunity to follow in the wake of all your other students comments and tell you how happy we are that we chose FlySpain to complete our CP training. If I could wind the clock back I would have used yourselves to complete our EP as well.

Can I thank Lee and Russ especially for their dedication, patience and professionalism whilst taking it in turns slinging us off a big mountain

Their voices kept us both enthused and relaxed while we bounced around in turbulent air at 2500ft,  sitting on a canvas seat hanging from what can only be described as an expensive Halfords tent!

The personalities of the 3 of you helped to make it a thoroughly enjoyable week and one that I won't forget!

I am now absolutely buzzing about flying and can't wait for it to stop bloody raining so that I can test out my new wing!

I will definitely be returning in the very near future to get to the next level!

Hello team Fly Spain
I’m not one for email writing usually, it has to be something special to prompt me to make the effort.
However, that was a fantastic holiday which exceeded my expectation in several areas.

The flying ... loved every minute ... top marks to Lee one of the finest Instructors I have every come across in aviation. A strangely additive mixture of endless enthusiasm, ability to simplify difficult aerodynamic principles and a wonderful passion to encourage people to leave the earth behind them.

Throughout the week several reference were made to the classic film ‘Top Gun’ , maybe the constant quotes from the film rubbed off.

Russ is ‘IceMan’ to the Lee’s ‘Maverick’

Russ brings a very different offering to the party, I enjoyed the more structured and procedural style. Coming from an aviation industry I felt at home with his style. I came over as very knowledgeable about paragliding and he’s clearly talented. One day I will be proud to say I received instruction from him when asked on the hill following some amazing take off.

In combination, these two chaps are greater than the sum of they parts and compliment each other perfectly .. a perfect teaching team

But a soon as it started, I was time to take myself home.  My two hour drive back was filled with the great memories of a holiday with the sky gods

I am already negotiating with my boss for the dates for March / April and will be booking a guided week with you in the next few weeks. I guess this is the ultimate compliant really ... repeat business

Jono Hands

Hi Rob and Nic,I just want to say thanks for putting up with me last week. From start to finish everything was pretty much perfect. To complete the CP course in 6 days was a revelation, having tried to do so in the UK for the best part of a year. The Andulucia climate and terrain is pretty ideal for paragliding, but combining that with suberb instruction is a winning combination. A huge thanks to Lee and Aden whose infectious enthusiasm and tireless motivation made the week one that I'll never forget.

Ian Grant

 Jimmy is an awesome instructor and is very effective at his role, he can be very jovial and funny but always remained professional and kept safety a paramount concern. He was very patient throughout the course, even the most demanding of clients that must have been driving him mad! I have thanked him for his help but wanted you to know that you have an excellent member of staff and a great asset to the company.

Ed(wardo) was great. Very easy to get on with and very helpful with the tasks that he demonstrated to us. He was always helpful with information about the house and the town to help people settle in when the arrived. He is a skillful pilot full of helpful tips and advice for anyone who needs it and complimented Jimmy’s teaching style excellently. He needs to watch though because his back because I want his job!!!!

The way the course was run was both professional and safety focused which is probably the most important thing for me because anyone can jump of a mountain and endanger their lives but your company ensured we were safe and comfortable in all our tasks. I know I was a demanding client which I think comes from the job I do having to be in control of everything all at once so I want to say thank you for answering all my questions. Your response times were amazing, very informative and vey accurate. The excellent level of service you and your company offered is a refreshing change and helped my decision on what school to use.

Once again I would like to say a huge thank you and your staff for all the help they gave me and I am already planning my return to do some more flying in the near future! I will be looking at the website for dates for post CP flying weeks! 

Stuart Chandler

I don't do good decisions very often, but learning to paraglide with Fly Spain was definitely one of them. The instructors were great. Very friendly, welcoming, dedicated and instilled a lot of confidence. I did the EP course, choosing to finish my CP in the UK, but in retrospect I wish I had done both. I think the course gives you the chance to learn a great deal in a short space of time and provides a firm foundation for further learning, backed by some decent air time. The accommodation was top notch, in a lovely village where good food and booze are cheap and plentiful. I highly recommend it.

Simon Coulson

My friend and I spent two weeks spent working towards our Club Pilot qualifications with FlySpain and it literally flew by. The staff were professional throughout and ensured that we had a lot of fun at the same time as gaining our qualifications. We were given ample support on both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course. The depth of knowledge amongst the instructors is incredible and it's great to be taught by people who so obviously love what they do. Algodonales is beautiful - especially from 1000 metres up! The relaxed Spanish atmosphere, delicious food, cheap beer and (usually) perfect weather add up to a great experience. There is one major downside: you won't want to leave. 

Steve Scruton

I must admit to pimping shamelessly off Rob (and a Griffon vulture who showed me a thermal and then shared it with me). An amazing experience on a superb Buzz Z3. Russ then did a stonking 70k! A fantastic achievement for one of the first flights on his new Rush 3. As always a great adventure with the Flyspain lads. Thanks and see you again.

Adam Contoret

Hi Rob
I just wanted to say thank you for a great course. Lee was amazing and his ability to find flyable weather was brilliant. Ed and Graham were excellent too. You have a great team there – they worked really hard to get us the best flying while other companies were on the ground talking about the weather. 10 out of 10. I’ll certainly do the CP and will be in touch soon. In the meantime, please pass on my thanks to Lee, Ed and Graham. 

Tony Smith

Thanks to Flyspain from Sam and Tony for a great time during our CP week. I was impressed that Lee and Jimmy never gave up on a day, doing their upmost to get us in the air, without compromise to safety. Jimmy was excellent and did a great job in getting an old hangie and young student into paragliding with his enthusiasm and energy but never missing a pertinent item. WE WANT MORE!  

Mike Adams

Thanks for a truly great week and for all your time and patience getting me the right harness and kit - very chuffed!

Mark Riches

Brilliant week with Flyspain. got to base most days with 50km & 90km XC flights as an added bonus. An adrenelin fuelled Monday began with the balloon drop which got the week off to a perfect start. Top week highly recommended to anyone considering going away to fly. Thanks to all you folks there that made it happen.

Paul Allcoat

Thanks for a great CP course last week, great instruction and the time and effort the boys put in should be commended. 

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