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New pool complete for Eagles Nest paragliding accommodation

Finally, One positive spin from Covid is the time we've had to redecorate and renovate around our unique paragliding accommodation and base.

From Late August new guests can expect a pool to dip in  post flying and a new terrace and bbq area.

Poolside at the Eagles nestMega Views

Nic has done a mega job turning the terraces into a new communal area that groups can gather and relax in after or before flying. We should be able to use it as an extra area for some of our lecture nights and BBQ evenings.

Plenty of Space at the pilots nest


Pilots Nest is Unique in Algodonales

We pride ourselves in offering something quite different from what's on offer in the rest of the village, there's no hotel in town, just some cheap Airbnb rooms and the albergue dorms, and if that's what you want then all cool. Over the years form having bought theses house it has allowed us to renovate and make them comfortable spaces, upgrade the beds to bigger European sizes, add coffee machines and decent wifi. Its been a long haul in doing and a big investment but well worth it. You are here in truth to fly but a good bed and top shower with some extra warm comforts go a long way with our regular visitors. You can see the type of feedback we get from Tripadvisor and from some of the reviews simply sent into us, obviously, if you're interested in flying check out these pages


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