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Xc Guide and Coach

A stunning Xc pilot and guide even at 11 - Ha!Carlucho has been flying from the age of 11, a family of famous flyers from Venazuala he's a super talented pilot and we're lucky to have him. 

We sadly only have him for key months in the year as he still competes and guides for us in Colombia in February and is a tandem pilot in Canada over Summer. Catch him one of our Guided Xc weeks or even on our New Mentor plus weeks as his enthusiasm for all levels of pilot is infectious


  • Nationality: Canadian / Venezuelan
  • Flies - Ozone Enzo 3
  • Age:    35 years Old
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Countries Lived: Venezuela – Canada
  • Special Superpowers - Rum cocktail making, Private pilots licence
  • Countries Visited: Australia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brasil, St.Kitts, Portugal, Serbia.
  • Favourite flying site locally - Lijar westerly
  • World favourite site....too hard - anywhere you're having fun!


Podium Pwc 3rd place