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AKA the Boss

Nic has been flying for over 15 years. As well as being a natural pilot, instructor, and ex-motorbiker, she is the hub of our operation and generally your first point of contact with Fly Spain. FlySpain have 2-4 courses running each week with over 8 instructors, four houses on the go plus a family to look after. So any advice sought regarding accommodation or bookings, then Nic has her finger firmly on the pulse. Nic started paragliding almost twenty years ago, as the kids have grown she has thrown herself back at flying as she'd never been away


  • England
  • Flies - Yamaha R9...`Skywalk Arak
  • Ozone Oxygen
  • Extra superpowers - GBringing organisation to a paragliding school
  • Years flying - 20
  • Favourite local flying Site - Ronda
  • Favourite international flying Site - Bassano de Grappa, Italy