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Marcelo Sanchez

Our latest team pilot to join us, 22 years old and flying since he was 16. Born to a full family of pilots, he is now a seasoned competition pilot from Granada.

He averages  350 hours per year in the air, and he's an avid competition pilot, Sponsored by Niviuk and a full team member for Spain.
He is a regular feature on Spanish podiums in national and international events and currently holds the FAi  European declared distance record of 387 kilometers across Spain. He is currently 3rd in the junior world rankings


Born - Spain

Glider - Niviuk Icepeak x - one 

Harness - Ozone Submarine

Favourite Local flying site - Cenes, Granada

Favourite international Site - Roldanillo, Cauca Valley

Loves - Xc flying and Competition racing

Passions - Kite surfing & salsa

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