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Barry Abbott

Speed rider and our I.T. man

South Wales-born,  Barry Qualified with Fly Spain 2010

I absolutely love this sport and lifestyle which as corny as it sounds makes me feel complete. Since Qualifying I have got into Speed flying which gives me a bigger window to fly in various conditions which were not feasible for a paraglider.

I have over time, gone through various wings downsizing to the smallest possible wing practical for my weight which is currently 9m...Not for the faint-hearted!  but love it love it love it and get out as often as I can get out on my paraglider and Speedwing and can't get enough of it  Here is a Video of Paragliding and Speedflying in Wales, apologies for the Edit …  


  • Wales
  • Flies – Gin Carrera & Ozone Rapido 9m
  • Independence Evolution harness
  • Extra superpowers – Running, Cycling
  • Years flying - 9
  • Favourite local flying Site – Heol Senni
  • Favourite international flying Site - El Bosque


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