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Dylan is our son of course and has spent his entire life surrounded by flying. He's had a kite of some variety in his hand since he was 4 yrs old, we only let him airborne when he was fourteen, since then he's amassed hundreds of hours. He's a lovely young man and enthusiastic pilot you'll ever meet with over three hundred hours in three years he's trying his hand at all aspects of the sports from Xc to acro. He was sponsored early on by top Austrian company Air Design, more are follwoing. He's been brilliant in helping customers out with advice on the latest equipment, as well as developing a brilliant eye for photography and video editing.


Born - Spain

Flies - Air Design Rise 4 & U-turn Blackout

Favourite Local flying site - Lijar west

Favourite international Site - Annecy, France

Loves - Acrobatics, Xc flying 

Passions - Kite surfing, acrobatics, motocross & pizza