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Uk pilots love learning to fly in Spain

We´ve qualified over 200 pilots last year alone from the Uk, many of our pilots come from the Sussex, Devon & around London...

02nd January 2012

Paragliding courses in Andalucia, Southern Spain represents some of the best all year round flying in all of Europe. FlySpain have over ten years experience teaching and running holidays. Just last month saw us teaching a variety of pilots from Devon, Sussex, Kent and central London as well as a few visitors from around Europe, FlySpain is now the uk´s leading paragliding school.

Our combination of structured paragliding lessons and courses for all levels of novice pilot and all year sunshine means that getting your paragliding qualification could not be easier. If you are interested in learning to fly paragliders here in anadalucia then look further at our tution page. To book , pick your favoured week from our calendar. and then drop us a line, we are always happy to answer any questions