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November newsletter

Winter is finally here…but not as you'd know it.

Following a couple of dicky wintery weeks, where we finally saw the change from Summer to Winter. We are now enjoying fabulous weather here again in Spain, great flying  conditions for all levels of pilot from Club pilots keen to soar to winter sunny thermic northerlies! 

As the mountains get super busy with visiting foreign pilots our course schedule, turns back to teaching paraglider pilots and Paramotor pilots.

November Paragliding


Next Spring we head for one week to Turkey - SIV - SIV - SIV and more SIV

Dates : May 4th - May 11th

Nic & I are heading to refresh our SIV skills with Lee Tryhorn at Free flight Academy In May.

Expect much screaming from myself as I've not stalled a wing in twenty years! Either way we are in the good and capable hands of friendly experts!

Turkey siv course

 Lee is one of the leading SIV instructors out there, we are very lucky to have reserved a spot with him. Please book direct if you'd like to join us 

Our fabulous training schedule brings quick and solid results

So the school has been back up and running from the 11th September, the guided weeks shortly after. We've had lots of students through, enjoying some great flying. The weeks have been action packed with students regularly gaining 2 plus hours soaring with other pilots. 

We have been enjoying Nice Autumnal  temperatures of 23 degrees, following what felt like an endless summer of heat! 

Course dates are now out for Spring, but more detail will go up over the following month. 

Guided weeks 2024

The Mentor plus low airtime courses have been maxed out as per normal, our bespoke coaching weeks are unique among guides for such a great coaching ratio, a wonderful blend of lectures and air to air coaching provide huge knowledge and airtime gains for visiting pilots.

Flying in warm November breeze

Like our successful Colombia Mentor plus course you get the best instructors offering up the best coaching and guidance and the best accommodation in Algodonales

Winter flying in Colombia

So our low air time Mentor Plus tour has been fully booked for ages, but we do have a last min list if you want to get your name down on that. There will be 3 guides including Rob & Fred and Juanfe

Colombia in February with FlySpain 2024


We are opening up a couple of places on the first Xc tour trip 

27th Jan - 10th Feb - 2 places left


Flights are Into Cali and returning via Medellin, we will be touring up the valley from South to North. If you've yet to enjoy a break from the European winter blues Colombia is the place to head to prep you for the season ahead.

Book Colombia now


Winter Season equipment sales

We've collected some gliders from part ex deals and a some ex demo wings


Air design Easy 2 Medium  - 30 flights  Sold

Air design Easy 2 Large  - 120 flights - £550

Air design Easy 2 Large  - 30 flights - £1850

Air design Volt 4 ML - 5 hrs - £2900

Air design UFO 20 - £1700

Ozone Element 3  medium - 3 years £450

Gin Camino - Medium - 80 hrs £1200

Skywalk Arak XXS - upper weight range 75 kg, 30 hrs £1850

Air design Susi 3 miniwing size 21 £1800, as new

Gin Bolero 6 medium - 2 years old - £1750

Goto Shop


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