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Parajet Maverick Lite Trike

Ref. #1125

lightweight trike parajet
lightweight trike parajet
lightweight trike parajet
lightweight trike parajet
lightweight trike parajet
lightweight trike parajet

Sit Back: Explore New Horizons : Flight For All: Mobility Means Freedom

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£2,970.00 inc. VAT

Sit Back: Explore New Horizons 

  • No matter what type of flying you like to do, sometimes a small change of position offers great new perspectives.
  • With its perfect blend of impressive flight characteristics, high stability on terrafirma and energy-saving seated position coupled with stunning looks, the Maverick Lite Trike offers incredible performance and durability with compliance that can only be experienced from a premium Titanium airframe.
  • With the Maverick Lite Trike you can enjoy a more relaxed style of paramotoring that’s primed to cruise the open skies, take on big adventures and explore new horizons.

Flight For All: Mobility Means Freedom

  • At Parajet we strive to ensure that the largest number of people possible can enjoy the thrill and freedom of our sport. Driven by this ethos and using carefully considered design, features such as our bifurcated chassis and wide angled brace arms provide easier access to the harness area and ensures space for a more stable entry and exit of the trike. Many pilots simply do not have the physical ability, strength or stamina to manage foot launch and the Maverick Lite Trike gives those who have difficultly running or with impairment of feet, legs or back an option to fly.

Hubs And Tyres 

  • We’ve adorned the Lite Trike with optimum strength-to weight ratio Trampa hubs fitted with 12” Duro tyres. The straight cut profile makes them the perfect grip option for easy rolling and encourages the trike to track in a straight line.


  • The Lite Trike’s innovative weight-shift system provides an intuitive weight distribution experience for more precise and responsive handling than ever before, so that nothing comes between you and the thrill of being in the air.

Sprung Riser Stays

  • Achieve your perfect launch with the help of unique sprung riser stays that keep lines taut and secure during setup and allow predictable, staged release for smooth inflation and reduced snagging that often ends in a failed take-off.

Chassis Clamps

  • When fast setup matters, the adjustable and easy to use clamping system, with super secure quick-release cam levers, allows quick and repeatable positioning of your Maverick and ensures it remains in the optimum position at all times.

Outer Ring

  • The three-part outer ring provides additional tensile strength and flex resistance during powered launches. Enjoy smooth, precise and safer take-offs that gives you confidence to sit back and relax while accelerating into the sky.

Trike Hubs and TyresTrike ringTrike staysTrike weightshiftTrike clamps

    No Tools, Simple Setup

    • In just a few simple quick steps the Maverick Lite Trike packs away into a space-saving travel bag, perfect for convenient storage where space is tight and easy transportation. So if you need to escape the daily grind, you can just pop it in the car or even onto a plane. Once at the field, the no tools assembly simplifies your setup and enables you to turn your excited anticipation into pure flying pleasure quickly. So, your next adventure is closer than you think.

    Parajet Maverick Lite Trike setup diagram

    Technical Specification

    Parajet Maverick Lite Trike technical specifications


    Rugged, Yet Light 

    • Bead blasted titanium frame

    Fast, Simple Assembly

    • No need for tools or screws

    Stability And Control

    • Low centre of gravity

    Transport With Ease

    • Includes handy travel bag


    Parajet-Maverick-Lite-Trike from Parajet International on Vimeo.


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