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Miniplane reserve

Ref. #309

A proportionally shaped, double surface rescue chute, with forward speed, partially steerable. It has extremely fast opening characteristics thanks to its low weight, double cell design and short suspension lines.

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Miniplane Snip comes in two sizes 24 m and 30 m

Has been specifically designed for powered paragliding its design and construction was for the special needs of powered paragliding. It offers low weight, easy mounting on all types of harnesses, and it is possible to deploy it with either hand in any flying regime. It is also possible to attach instruments and maps on the container itself, on either of the two models

Big advantages of this design are:

The ability to toss the chute with either hand to both sides, as needed for each particular situation.

There is no shift in the centre of gravity once deployed, thanks to the reserve being attached to the main harness lines. This method of attachment is extremely important to maintain the pilots vertical stability once deployed. Failure to maintain a stable vertical descent can result in dangerous oscillations of the pilot beneath the canopy. A landing in this manner will cause serious injury to the pilot and additional damage to equipment.

The location of the reserve chute on the pilots lap allows for quick acquisition and deployment in all situations. Valuable time can be lost when searching for reserves that are out of the pilot’s immediate vision. 

Upper limit - 130 kgs Note - This item comes complete with front mounted pod, if you'd like the reserve to put in your own style of pod, please ask

Comes with Front mounted pod


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