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Rush 6

A Evolution in the Hybrid 3/2 Liner Design

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The Latest Installment

  • The latest instalment in the Rush series represents a massive improvement over the previous version in every respect.
  • The design has been evolved from the highly successful Delta4 and brings all the performance elements from this category to the EN B pilot.  

Wave of Change

  • New profile and internal structure
  • Hybrid 3/2 line design with 2 lines at the wingtip
  • ACR system for riser steering (from the Mantra and Delta series)
  • Slightly higher aspect ratio (5.7)
  • Lighter glider weight
  • Better inflation in low winds 

Baby Delta 4

All these improvements combine to make the Rush 6 a real "baby Delta4" with trademark handling, high passive safety and useable top speed, suitable for pilots who fly at least 50 hours a year.


Sizes S - MS - ML - L Now Fully Certified