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Flymaster M-Series GPS

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New flymaster m series gps
New flymaster m series gps
New flymaster m series gps

The all new VARIO-M and GPS-M

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The New M Series

Flymaster’s new M-Series instruments will replace the Vario SD and GPS SD. They are brand-new designs with improvements in all areas, Flymaster say.

The GPS M design is more sturdy and also easier to repair. In addition, its display is much easier to read in bright sunlight, and it has clearer airspace representation. Larger-than-standard font size is available with the new landscape view.

Of the improvements

  • Better build and sturdiness
  • More modular build
  • Easier reparability
  • Better visibility under direct sunlight (display much closer to the protective lens)
  • New User Interface
  • USB type C
  • Mass storage device capability
  •  New "cut-side" view (GPS M only)
  • IGC creation to Mass storage (SD card)
  •  New landscape mode
  • Bigger fonts in landscape mode
  • Optional bumper case
  • New buttons for better usability with gloves
  • Altitude graph in instrument's flight lo
  •  Improved Airspaces representation
  • Loading waypoints from mass storage file (SD card)
  •  Works with Flymaster Instrument Manager Software
  • - Import layouts from instrument


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