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XC Tracer Maxx 2

Ref. #968

XC_Tracer_Maxx 2
XC_Tracer_Maxx 2
XC_Tracer_Maxx 2

Simply fly intuitively: The Brand New XC Tracer Maxx 2 For 2022 !

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What distinguishes XC Tracer Variometer?

  • Delay-free display of increases / decreases

XC Tracer Varios are used by many top competition pilots. Thanks to the instantaneous display of increases / decreases, it is much easier to center thermals than with a conventional variometer. Even trainee pilots like to fly with XC Tracer, because what you feel with the body and what XC Tracer shows with the beeps is a perfect match.

Best in Class GPS 

  • GPS receives GPS, Glosnass and Galileo, which improves positioning compared to conventional GPS devices. 

Solar powered 

  • XC Tracer Varios are equipped with a solar cell. The solar cell normally delivers so much energy that the Vario can be operated without ever having to charge it. 

Small and light

  • XC Tracer Mini II GPS with 34g is perfect for competitions up to hike & fly. And XC Tracer II FLARM is also lightweight at 70g for a variometer with an integrated FLARM.

IGC and KML Logger 

XC Tracer Varios are suitable for all competition and XC contest flights and record both KML and IGC files. The IGC log files are approved by the FAI for competitions. 

Tones fully customizable 

  • Tones can be easily configured using the tone simulator. In this way the beeps from the variometer can be adapted to your own needs. However, sound settings from other pilots can also be loaded.


  • sniffer With the help of the sound simulator, a thermal sniffer can also be implemented, so that you are made aware of this when you fly into a rising air mass, but yourself is still sinking.

Easy integration with flight computer apps

  • Connection via Bluetooth Low Energy and / or USB with XCTrack, FlySkyHy, XCSoar and other leading flight computer apps. 

Made in Switzerland : home to precision instruments

  • High-resolution B&W LCD, 536x336 pixels, perfectly readable
  • Five different screens selectable, from simple screen to air spaces
  • Simplest operation
  • Instantaneous display of climbing/descent
  • FLARM with transmission and reception of data, integrated antenna
  • FLARM obstacle database (optional)
  • FLARM Display of position and height of Buddies
  • Data transmission via BLE to mobile phone/tablet/E-reader
  • IGC and KML Logger, approved by the FAI for competitions
  • Many compatible apps for Android/iOS
  • Freely configurable sound settings/sound simulator at
  • Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro/Baro/GPS/BLE/FLARM
  • Running time with full battery at least 60h
  • Firmware update via drag & drop
  • Size: 92x68x18 mm
  • Weight 120g
  • Swiss made



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