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Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
Skywalk Range X alps 3
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£1,699.00 inc. VAT


The Range X-Alps3 harness is the third incarnation of pod harness specially developed for the Red Bull X-Alps pilots, the toughest adventure race on earth.

Compared to it’s predecessor, the X-Alps3 is more comfortable, more user friendly, has more stowage and more features. It also features the latest Permair 2.0 back protection.

Aimed at Hike&Fly competition pilots as well as Vol Biv and XC pilots, travellers and mountaineers who demand a safe harness with minimal packing size.

It is suitable for pilots who are used to flying with no seat board. The pilot must also understand the handling and care needed to use an ultra light harness.


  • Aerodynamic rear fairing. Ram air wing that inflates with the incoming air. Miniribs and profiles ensure an ideal shape. Improves drag and glide performance.
  • Dynamic pressure nose – inflates with the incoming air and improves drag. Tip: The efficiency can be increased if you stow the inflation bag in the dynamic pressure nose. It can be filled via the PERMAIR connector, which needs to be guided through the air intake.
  • Carbon foot plate
  • Opening for pee tube
  • Sandwich seat shell – closed cell foam provides additional thermal insulation and increases seating comfort.
  • Double action Foras carabiners from Edelrid – lightweight twist and push carabiners with side opening gate for easier riser installation.
  • Nitinol Power Frame – provides ideal pressure distribution and support for the seat shell.
  • Front rescue system with cockpit – the side-mounted reserve handle reduces deformation of the handle when compressing and thus keeps its shape better. The cockpit offers space for several flight instruments and is optimally positioned in the pilot‘s field of vision. The rescue V-line is suspended at the shoulder straps.

A steerable rescue system can be installed. The connection lines must be connected with two screw shackles with a breaking load of at least 2400 daN at the suspension points marked in red in the upper part of the V-line channel. The control handles can be stowed in the upper area of the V-line channel. In compatibility tests we carried out, only steerable light rescues with a take-off weight up to 100 kg were compatible!

PERMAIR Protector – LTF 91/09 certified protector. Maximum protection at minimum packing size and weight. Offers protection above the standard of homologation.

RECCO®-Reflector – The RECCO®-reflector offers emergency personnel an additional chance to locate a missing person (for example in heavily forested areas).

Velcro – for BipBip or 2m radio, inc. safety loop.

Cockpit pocket – provides space for power bank and rescue line. A cable outlet is located on the right side of the pocket.

Hydration system provision – includes a clip in the back storage compartment for hydration bladder attachment, a drinking tube outlet and a neoprene loop on the shoulder strap for attaching the mouthpiece.

Lycra inner pocket – located on the right side. Ideal for items needed during the flight.

Pole pocket – ensures easy and safe storage of foldable hiking poles. The end of the pocket is reinforced for the sharp ends of hiking poles.

Lockable side pocket – located on the left side. Ideal for items needed during the flight.

Storage compartment in the “nose“. Serves as a storage compartment for light, soft objects such as clothing, inner bag, inflation bag etc.IMPORTANT: Max. load 1kg! Pay attention to the shape because as nose will not inflate anymore! Handle with care.

Storage compartment in the “seat“. 17l capacity. Max. load 5kg!

Back storage compartment. 35l capacity,  asymmetric zip for easy filling. Ideal to stow a backpack.


X-Light – This reliable paragliding cloth is light and robust at the same time, making it ideally suitable for the rear fairing.

N.70 ROBIC 3mm Double R/S

N.70 ROBIC Plain Double R/S
The PU and silicone coated nylon reduces air permeability and increases abrasion resistance. Therefore it is used on the cocoon as well as on the rest of the outer shell.

Nylon 215D stretch
Tensile for a perfect fit of the cocoon.


Shoulders straps

Back angle

Lumbar support (knot step)

Upper leg support (knot step)

Cocoon – adjustable via 4 knot steps on the footplate.

Stabilizers – located in the rear storage, can be mounted to make the harness even more stable (e.g. when used in combination with a high-performance wing).
There are two loops on each side of the harness to attach the stabilizers. One loop is at the inside on the sidecover of the seatshell, here you need to loop the line. The other loop is next to the buckle of the Get-Up system, here you mount the end with the screw shackle. If a stabilizer is not under tension, it can be shortened by adding a trim on the shackle.

Accelerator – 2nd stage can be adjusted using a knot step.


  • Harness EN 1651/2018 and LTF 91/09 certified
  • Inflation bag
  • PERMAIR mouthpiece
  • 2 Edelrid Foras carabiners
  • Rescue handle
  • PERMAIR protector
  • Carbon foot plate
  • 2-stage carbon accelerator
  • Skywalk Desk
  • The Desk is a pocket with an integrated cockpit, which attaches to the shoulder straps and the front container.
  • It offers a storage compartment with a cable outlet for a battery pack and an additional elastic storage compartment for snack bars etc.
  • It can be easily reached and used at any time during flight. Flight instruments do not have to be removed for transport, they can be separated quickly from the harness and stored safely.
  • Permair Pump

The PERMAIR pump is a small, light electric pump, weighting 150g. It can also be used as a battery pack and has a capacity of 3600mAh.


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