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Ozone Quest

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Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest
Ozone Quest


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Product specification

Pod Size

The Quest is designed for progressing pilots and anyone seeking a versatile open leg harness. Its aerodynamic design offers a highly comfortable semi-reclined position that is ideal for all types of flying.

•    Easy entry after launch
•    Excellent comfort in an aerodynamic design
•    Bomb-bay door style reserve compartment
•    Colour coded harness straps for safety and ease
•    Fully adjustable inclination
•    Chest strap protector
•    Ample storage options
•    Water container pocket
•    Speed bar retainer

The Quest features a removable chest strap padding for comfort during take off and ground handling. With 17cm of foambag protection, a 6 cm thick comfort layer in the back, and 31 G impact rating, the Quest provides comfort and passive safety in a compact and sleek design. Every harness comes with Edelrid carabiners and integrated reserve bridles included.

The Quest is very comfortable for pilots who fly in the semi-reclined to fully laid-back position. The geometry is designed to filter out turbulence and reduce the risk of “falling” towards the deflated side in the event of an incident. Nevertheless, the Quest is reactive to pilot input and, once placed at the desired angle in the turn, provides solid lateral support for precise and effortless thermalling. The precision and ease of turning also make it an ideal partner for discovering the dynamic side of flying — wingovers and other freestyle manoeuvres are intuitive and easy to learn with this harness.
Unlike many open harnesses, the Quest was designed with accelerated flight very much in mind. The accelerator is kept in place by a convenient system and sits ready for use at any moment (we recommend using the standard OZONE accelerator with this harness). Once the speed bar is applied, the chassis flattens out in a more aerodynamic position, in which it is also easier to pilot the wing “modern style” with rear risers and embark on long transitions for XC flying.

  • Aerodynamic and clean design, with modern features
  • Very easy to recline into the seated position once airborne
  • Comfortable, agile feel with a good balance of weight shift authority and stability in turbulent air.
  • Reliable under seat parachute deployment system
  • Ideal for intermediate pilots seeking comfort and simplicity for all types of flight
  • Lightweight design
  • 17cm mousse airbag safety

Technical Data

Up to 175 cm                  170-185 cm                                 180 cm +


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Ozone Quest Manual

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