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News round up - January paragliding 2022/23

Following a sizzling autumn season of flying tuition that’s seen lots of new pilots qualified in both paramotor training and paragliding courses.

Our Guided weeks, both low airtime Mentor plus courses and the Guided Xc were fully booked months in advance and saw great flying and fun times.

We have now paused for a welcome winter break.

2023 calendar

Beginner paraglider courses start again slightly sporadically from January 7th.

Christmas and the new year are offering us wonderful dry sunny weather, light thermic activity, and nice soaring conditions, perfect paragliding conditions for newbie paragliding beginners and paramotor students alike. See our Calendar for the latest dates for either tuition and training courses or Guided tours

xc launch briefing - FlySpain

Essential reading for 2023

All our tuition courses are split over a full two weeks, there are rest days to catch up up on sleep and reflect plus a host of theory lessons to feed in the blanks. This year has shown us a useful knowledge base in you can subscribe, mention us  and get access to three years worth of reading up to pilot level.

Another wonderful plus of 2022 is the reworking of Dennis Pagen's “understanding the sky”, now in colour and illustrated brilliantly by Step Ham. This is the bible of paragliding handbooks, we have stock on our shelves but you can buy online here.

Looking for a top book on thermalling - my favourite is "Thermal flying" from Berkhard Martens, there's some really interesting talk about cloud formation and flying




February we are in Colombia,  offering up the usual fine weather and outstanding flying conditions that paragliding so popular in Colombia over winter.

The courses have been fully booked for ages, we have an Xc fortnight running from late January and a Low airtime Mentor plus trip running into early March. We’ll put dates out for next year as we are already getting inquiries.

Apart from one Paramotor course running in Algo the Nest will be closed for refurbishments until March.

Wingtip to wingtip in Colombai with flyspain


March Madness


We warm up our season with the first of our paragliding training courses and Mentor Plus course aimed at low air time paraglider pilots. By April we will be looking forward to high cloud bases and some more epic Spring paragliding flying….we hope to see you there

Full list of calendar dates for all pg tours and course here


Al the very best for the New Year


Join us this Spring - FlySpain tours





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