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New paragliding students make huge success this Spring

Brilliant courses

Throughout March and early April we have had a host of guests join us for beggineer Ep and Cp pilot training.

Private sites

A combo of private flying sites and 21 years of teaching experience and good old Spanish weather almost gurantee fantastic flying time and sounds paragliding skills. We always over emphasise the importance of ground control but equally flying airtime is stunningly important, time in the saddle etc are what differentiates average paragliding courses and outstanding paragliding tuition and courses like ours.

Flying until sunset

Largest School in Europe run by a top team

FlySpain are one of the largest BHPA paragliding schools in Europe and in part of the accolade is an enormous amount of proffesional time and hard work that goes into all our students. We carefully choose the right equipment, the right right environment and through seasoned flying instructors.

Our guides and instructors are super current pilots, sounds odd I guess but not all instructors still have that enthusiasm, that spark, and if youre not current with your flying, how can you really make sound decisions about the conditions for others to fly in. Thankfully all our team are still super keen Xc pilots, current in airtime, on the latest equipment and still super enthused, they fly not just here in Spain but widen the scope by travelling over winter to extend their flying season.

Heres a snap of one of our last groups celerbrating at our flying Nest on their final day.

Paragliding students celebrate a wonderful week of paragliding

Our instructors are super happy to share their experience and share their passion for flying. If you wanted saf, sound and enthused instructors to take care and steer you through your flying lessons and onward career.

If you are keen to get your ticket and want to read more about any of our paragliding courses and training, holidays and  tuition weeks then check out our calendar for a full list of paragliding courses.

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