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Epic December weather for paragliding & paramotoring

Wonderful Weather for Winter

December is often considered one of those months that epitomize cold weather and short days. However, in Spain, we get outstanding weather, 18 degrees of heat, and light winds which make ideal conditions for training new pilots on our paragliding training courses.


Launch and abort Ppg training
















Light conditions also fair very well for those student pilots who want to learn to paramotor. We had a group of four guys from Coventry, Northern Ireland, and Uganda. One pilot arrived with no experience, two from the Midlands came following a poorly organised none BHPA course in the Uk and one American paragliding pilot looking to convert from Paragliding to Paramotoring. Late November and December have offered us glorious weather, a bit chilly at night but a high of 18 degrees during the day. 

Students and Hill Conversions

Our Intrepid students got stuck into ground handling like demons, by the second day they were making small revisionary hill flights, learning to launch and get some relaxed airtime uninhibited by a heavy engine. By day three the boy got their hands on the great range of paramotors that we teach on. FlySpain is the largest BHPA paramotor school in Europe, as a result, we have equipment for all sizes of pilots from Miniplane top 80's to Pap and Parajet Moster plus units.

What is involved in the paramotor conversion?

Once we've refreshed our kite skills, we learn how to manage and safely maintain and start the engines on our backs. Then we start practice runs with the engine running, taxing the aircraft, and pre-launch sequence. Once the group is proficient at making what we call "launch & abort" practice we quickly move on to first circuit flights.

PPG Trust the thrust


After multiple flights, we begin longer outer circuit flights, with greater altitude, fuel planning, and navigation tasks. We set aside time for detailed theory sessions on the field and in the classroom.

Our Flying base & newly refurbished accommodation

All our students now stay at our fabulous newly refurbished house and pool. Even the cold nights of December were warmly embraced by the new wood burner we placed in the living room. 

Hence the smiles on the faces of the guys below, yet again the combo of the right equipment, top seasoned instructors and great Spanish weather makes for a perfect learning environment. If you are interested in any of our Paramotoring conversion courses or Zero to hero training courses, check out the links or email us for any advice, the Calendar has dates for the latest courses into next year.

Qualified group of paramotor pilots at end of flying week in Spain

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