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A simple, cleanly-designed and very safe harness, ideal for beginners...

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EXENSE AIR is a harness designed specifically for novice pilots, and so we created a simple, cleanly-designed and safe product, which also provides comfort, with excellent detailing and finish. It is easy and quick to adjust, and so it is ideal for use on training slope by flying instructors. The Airbag is made under licence from Cygnus. It was incorporated into this harness to meet the demands of pilots who prefer efficient airbag protection, avoiding the necessity of bulky foam protection, and extending protection right up to the upper part of the back.

The reserve parachute is located beneath the seat.

-High-visibility container on the right shoulder strap for the Security Card
-A whistle for attracting attention is built-in as part of the elastic chest strap buckle
-The left pocket includes a container designed specially for a radio
-Side pockets in elastic webbing
-Weight: 3.5 kg