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ACCESS 2 AIRBAG is a paragliding harness aimed at pilots learning paraglide or looking to buy their first harness: Safety, Efficiency & Durability

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Product specification


The ACCESS 2 AIRBAG harness is designed for all for all flying enthusiasts no matter their level.

  • The well though-out design and choice of materials were guided by the same quality and durability objectives. The ACCESS2 AIRBAG harness was certified EN 1651 : 2018 and LTF Nfl II 91/09. Indicating that it meets European and German safety requirements. After reading this manual, we suggest you to check your harness in static hang-posts to adjust it before your first flight.

Optimised passive safety Getting in / out of the harness is effortless

  • Our Access harnesses (Airbag / Back) have been used for many years across the globe by paragliding schools instructors and pilots discovering the activity. With insightful feedback from resellers and pilots, we worked on improving the Access’ passive safety, durability and handling in flight and on the ground.
  • We aim at making the instructors’ mission easier and freeing the pilots’ minds so that they can focus exclusively on learning the fundamental skills that paragliding requires without worrying about their gear.


  • We optimised the airbag protection on the Access 2 thanks to a interchangeable mylar allowing greater durability. The parachute pocket features a handle with double rod to reduce unintentional opening while ground handling. The harness is still equiped with a Mini-bump protection located between the parachute and the backrest.


  • Our R&D team worked on the speedbar passage for greater fluidity and to offer an effortless installation. The harness also features a pocket to store the speedbar so that pilots will not be bothered by it during ground handling sessions.


  • The radio storage pocket and ventral protections have been reinforced as well. The Access 2 inner walls on each side now include large storage pockets while giving the pilot a great feeling of safety.


  • The overall aspect of the harness has been redesigned to give it a modern look. No need to embark on the durability/weight debate : The Access 2 remains made with heavy-duty Cordura fabric but is lighter than the first-generation Access ! Our R&D team put a lot of effort in making sure that the fitting of the 3 sizes (S, M and L) would suit a great range of pilot sizes. Now, you only have to choose which version, Airbag or Bump, will get to be the companion of your or your student’s progression !



Technical Data


This harness is delivered with the following accessories:

  • Polypropylene seat plate
  • 45-mm self-locking carabiners
  • Rescue parachute handle “AC2”
  • 2 Sets of Mylar for airbag
  • Mini-Bump 2
  • User’s manual
  • Options
  • Speedbar 2B light
  • FreeSpee adjustable speedbar
  • Carbon seat plate
  • Solo Dyneema Risers
  • Safety, efficiency & durability
  • Robust & efficient
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