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Advance Companion reserve light
Advance Companion reserve light
Advance Companion reserve light
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Light, lighter, SQR Light

From 973 gm! SQR Light, weighing from 973 grams, the lightest reserve in the world, comes on to the market in autumn – in 100 or 120 kg sizes. This new light reserve completes the successful SQUARE ROUND family of reserve parachutes from COMPANION. It’s not just the sensational weight, but the small pack volume as well that has decided X-Alps title defender Chrigel Maurer and successful X-Alps and world class pilots Sebastian Huber, Aaron Durogati and Toma Coconea to take the SQR Light along with them this year.

The SQR 100 (up to 100 kg load) has a surface area of 25.4 m2 for its 973 grams and packs to a volume between 2.5 and 3.5 ltr. The 120 size (max load 120 kg) weighs a mere 1171 gm, has 32.4 m2  surface are and a packed volume between 2.8 and 4 ltrs.


In the X-Alps every gram counts and the SQR Light is the lightest reserve worldwide. That’s why I’ve decided for it.”

Aaron Durogati, double Paragliding World Cup Superfinal winner

Like all SQR reserves, the SQR Light unites the advantages of the classic round parachute with the more modern cross canopy. By their unique design the SQR reserve family open extremely fast, are exceptionally pendulum stable and also very simple and safe to pack. Since COMPANION launched its first SQUARE ROUND parachute in 2016, the brand (a Joint Venture of EVOTEC and ADVANCE) has been a frequent topic of conversation. In spring 2017 the lightest and most generously sized tandem reserve was introduced.


The declared lifespan can be extended by a maximum of two years by the manufacturer, giving a maximum life of 12 years. In order to obtain this extension the reserve has to be sent to the manufacturer at the end of the 10 years operational life. The work entails various visual inspections, and measurement of fabric porosity and line lengths. Finally the reserve is stamped with a revalidation certificate, repacked and sent back to the customer. Cost for this service is EUR 180, which includes VAT, the repack and postage.

The extension can only be arranged online. We are pleased to be able to offer you this new sales incentive, and hope that you will be able to make use of it.


Technical Data

Companion SQR Light           








Max. TOW




Sink rate at Max. TOW




Weight rescue




Packing volume


2.5 - 3.5

2.8 - 4.0






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