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Pap Titanium 125

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Pap Titanium 125 The Most Universal PAP Model

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Stainless Steel Autolock Carabine Parafly

PAP Is One Of The Most Respected and Accessable Paramotor Companies In The World.

They are exceptionally good at producing Powered Paraglider Motors that provide superior power for pilots that compete and do aerobatic airshows regularly.
More importantly, they make reliable and comfortable machines that are well balanced for the pilot wanting to feel more of the wing through weight-shift control. A Paramotor for the pilot that loves to fly!

PAP Paramotors have evolved their Stainless Steel cage and frame to become even lighter and stronger than before, with the netting attached to the cage in a clean and simple way leaving the outer cage free from wraps. The cage allows for a reserve parachute to be attached easily behind the pilot's head.

The Most Universal PAP Model

The PA125 is, perhaps, the most universal PAP model, suitable for light, medium and heavy pilots. This is a perfect sport paramotor for pilots of 100 Kg that want to enjoy a good level of power with the extra security provided by the centrifugal clutch.

The engine has 125cc and offers 22 HP at 9.580 RPM. The crankcase and the reduction gear are machined aluminum with a coppery tone that makes for a smart look. The cylinder is covered by a fiber case through which passes the cooling forced air.

This paramotor has a true ‘retro’ look: like in a Harley-Davidson bike, PAP avoids plastic and bets for steel in sight; an attractive set with the frame as main subject, and a reference that will probably set trends.

What I like the least (a question of taste…) is the exhaust system; it works well and has an almost electric sound, but it looks somewhat simple compared to the engine and the rest of the paramotor.



Motor Type: PAP PA125. 2 Stroke Monocylinder
Cooling: Forced Air
Cylinder: 125 cm3 ( 54 x 54 mm.)
Carburettor: Walbro 24 mm.
Power: 22 CV / 9580 R.P.M.
Ignition: Electronic.
Reduction gear: Mechanical in oil bath
Reduction ratio: 1/3,65
Transmission: Centrifugal clutch
Start: Manual
Fuel: Leaded or unleaded Super grade + synthetic oil 2 %

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Pap PA 125 Manual

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