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Flymaster Live C

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FlyMaster Live C Gps
FlyMaster Live C Gps
FlyMaster Live C Gps
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Unleash the power of the LIVE C

Flymaster live C

 Where the might and alluring features of the LIVE DS come together in a sleek and compact single-display package. Experience the ultimate fusion of performance, portability, and the unrivaled prowess of LiveTracking technology, proven to be the world's best. Redefine your navigation experience with unparalleled simplicity, versatility, and the assurance of real-time tracking like never before.

  • 72 channel U-blox BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS
  • Ultra-sensitive Vario
  • Built-in Flarm Beacon (no additional subscription needed)
  • Global Multi-band LTE-M
  • New Enhanced Livetracking
  • USB Type-C Mass Storage Access
  • NEW Flymaster Instrument Manager Software
  • Glove-friendly Keys and UI
  • Improved data fields
  • New User Interface
  • Cutside View
  • Extended Battery Life

Flymaster live C photo

  • Optional Flarm Obstacles Database
  • In-instrument Flight Playback
  • In-flight realtime leaderboard with leading points calculation
  • Flarm Aware Radar (optional feature)
  • In-flight Voice Assistance
  • Fully Customizable Layouts
  • Highly visible under direct sunlight
  • Altitude limits in task definition
  • Extra-large Fonts
  • Optional Bumper Case
  • U-blox Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Lastest Gen Microprocessor
  • Anti-theft System
  • High-resistance Protective Lens
  • Compatible with our Android and IOS App
  • USB-C to USB-C Connection
  • Data transfer over BLE to other Apps
  • *Some features may not be available at launch.

Flymaster live C Spec

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