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Flymaster GPS LS

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Flymaster GPS LS
Flymaster GPS LS
Flymaster GPS LS
Flymaster GPS LS
Flymaster GPS LS
Flymaster GPS LS

Flymaster the GPS LS for novice and experienced pilots alike

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Flymaster  GPS LS

Flymaster will shortly introduce the GPS LS to provide novice and experienced pilots with a light and simple instrument with lots of useable features making it ideal for pilots that don’t require Airspace or competition and route features.

The GPS LS has many of the features that the more expensive instruments have, but for a much more affordable price. The main screen provides the pilots with a lot of information, including battery level, integrated analog and digital vario, GPS status, current glide-ratio, ground speed, distance to take-off, speed and wind direction, last thermal location and distance, course, two altimeters, clock and flight time.

Variometer/Altimeter Features

Buzzer/near thermal sound.

Ultra sensitive Variometer with 10 readings per second and 10 cm resolution.

Configurable vario digital filter and integration values.

Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation, ...).

4 Sound Levels (configurable by menu, or using a key).

Automatic mute,keeps vario silent until takeoff

Altitude adjustment using QNH

Automatic altitude adjustment from GPS

2 independent altimeters

Memory Features

3D flight logger IGC format

Storage for around 150000 trackpoints

Cross Country features

Exclusive Thermal Ball indicator

Several specific data fields like Distance to take off, current glide ratio, current speed, etc

Distance to last thermal indexed with altitude

Wind speed and direction (GPS based calculation)


Compatible with MacOS (10.13 and higher), Windows (7/8/10)


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