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The best way to fold a modern glider... we love it!

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Whatever your model of paraglider you should look after the leading edge when packing your wing. Taking care when packing will reduce ageing and maintain the durability of your wing which results in better inflation, reinflation and performance. GIN have always recommended that you pack your wing using the concertina method.

In addition if your glider is made with the patented GIN Rigifoil or Rigifoil Max system, it is essential to fold your wing using the concertina method, to maintain the shape of the Rigifoil reinforcements.

This is not easy if you have no assistance in the landing field, or it's windy!

The GIN Concertina Packing Bag has been around for a while (it is delivered with Boomerang gliders), and is now available to buy as an accessory. Pack your glider quickly and easily, with straps to hold the leading edge and a two way full length zip. Also has benefits for the rest of the wing by reducing panel stretching and limiting fabric abrasion. !NO VELCRO USED! to secure your leading edge, which can easily abrade and damage fabric

Click the following link to see a photo sequence of the Concertina Packing Bag in action:

Only available in 2.4m size

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Gin Concertina bag available from our FlySpain paragliding centre

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