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There are lots of great equipment on the market at the minute, but if you're looking for a first purchase mix of balance, good brand feel and quality kit then, comfy harness and decent flight performance in handling and speed then check out the following:

Add to that if you book this package deal either before or during your course you can Save £500 off your course 

Save £500 off offer  can apply to any combination of equipment you choose not just the easy package, if you want some other ideas, try our custom starter packages section

Why choose the Air design - Its has a nice shape, rather better handling for its class, almost low B performance as its noticeably quicker than many A gliders. Its got some really clear risers for controls with handy B tabs to indicate particular risers for manoeuvres.

Why choose the Oxygen 2 Plus - Nice simple harness from a top manufacturer, sensibly priced with all the bells and whistles you might like. Plenty of storage and comfort plus its simply easy to get into after take off.

Why choose the Ozone Angel reserve - Its a simple, well-made semi-lightweight compact second reserve for sensible money. Good quick open rate and benchmark descent rate which has been popular for the last 20 years.

The benefits of buying from us... Few schools are as big as FlySpain have the range of equipment and the team of experience on hand that can help you with sizing the right equipment for your needs. Even if you buy your kit up front, we'll be there to show you all the options even change and swap them around.

We also offer free delivery across the Uk, we have stocks both here in Spain to try, and for shipping like other schools back in Blighty.

What if I see something else I like? It's really important to get what you want and the right gear for you need. Maybe the size of the glider doesn't suit your weight or you'd prefer a reversible harness. We have stocks of many different popular models for you to look at. If in doubt just ask

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