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The Perfect Training Kite

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Safety as a Priority

  • The UNO V2 is a simple,affordable and robust inflatable de-power trainer kite
  • It’s an ideal kitesurf trainer for schools, and perfect to have as a fun addition in the quiver to get family and friends into kiting!
  • Being a lightweight package it is easy to travel with and keep in the car


  • The Uno V2 flies with our standard Kitesurf control system, this enables the student to progress easily to larger kites and to remain familiar with the control system set up
  • We recommend using line lengths of 15-25m

Ease of use

  • Responsive, fun, smooth and stable define the Uno V2. It comes in three sizes - 2.5m, 4m and 6m all with enough power to ensure beginners can easily progress to the next level
  • The Uno V2 is amazing for teaching; the student can learn all the basics of flying an inflatable kite and how to use the release systems while using a small-sized kite with less power
  • The Uno V2 is also ideal for lighter weight riders under 45kg for riding on the water