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Niviuk Roller

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Niviuk Roller available here at flyspain paragliding center
Niviuk Roller available here at flyspain paragliding center
Niviuk Roller available here at flyspain paragliding center
Niviuk Roller available here at flyspain paragliding center
Niviuk Roller available here at flyspain paragliding center
Niviuk Roller available here at flyspain paragliding center

A new fellow traveller able to accompany you everywhere. Discover the second edition of the revolutionary Niviuk single-surface wing. A wing that feels like your second skin.

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The Roller is the new speed flying wing from Niviuk

The ultimate in speed flying wing

 Agility and performance in one technologically superior model.

Speed, precision and agility all in one versatile and remarkably multi-functional wing.


Its intuitive and straightforward character also provides a high degree of user-friendliness and safety, so to have fun practicing all kinds of turns, rolls, swoops, carving and an infinite repertoire of manoeuvres. The Roller permits long flights, maintaining altitude and flying in strong winds up to 70km/h*.

The Roller is an extremely dynamic and responsive 3-liner, which provides pure performance for those pilots able to fly actively. Its low aspect ratio (4.3) makes it a compact wing, resulting in excellent control and manoeuvrability from the moment of takeoff to the most intense turns during the flight.

The profile of the Roller has been designed to fly at high speed without restrictions or penalties. Its optimised form not only helps reduce drag, but also has a high resistance to asymmetric and frontal collapses, pitching and stalling. Due to the perfect distribution of the internal wing pressure provided by the RAM Air Intake (RAM), the wing absorbs turbulence excellently, it brings stability at any speed and lets you fly with a low angle of attack, which is indispensable in speedflying.

This ability to fly at any angle of attack and its extensive speed range is due to the design of the canopy. The reduced curvature of the arc offers greater stability and a sense of total control, especially when performing lateral turns, where the wing remains stable and responsive.

The Roller is equipped with an efficient speed system and trimmers. The combination of the two systems allows an infinite number of angles of attack (and therefore speed) and more importantly, this means the pilot can enjoy more than just top-to-bottom flights, either by thermalling or soaring, having fun practicing barrel rolls, swoops or playing with height and speed.

The brake system adds significantly to the Roller’s manoeuvrability. Brake efficiency means the wing provides a great deal of useful feedback. This permits the pilot to predict and thus easily control every moment of the flight, especially during landing, where the glider’s energy retention means contact with the ground occurs smoothly and accurately – despite the speed and incredible turns the pilot may have made moments before. 

* Only expert pilots should consider flying in these conditions. 

The fabric, lines, risers and wing size can all be changed to customise and adapt the model to suit your needs and preferences. Contact us and we will personally explore all the possibilities. 


Technical Data:

Roller  14161820 
cellsnumber 35353535 
 closed 8888 
 box 27272727 
 aspect ratio 4,34,34,34,3 
 aspect ratio 3,63,63,63,6 
flattening %12121212 
linestotal metersm180,4193,5205,8217,5 
 number 164164164164 
intermediate weighminimumkg60708090 
in flightmaximumkg90100110120 
glider weight kg33,33,63,9 
certification EN926-1926-1926-1926-1 

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