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Woody Valley Voyager Plus

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Voyager harness 1
Voyager harness 1
Voyager harness 1
Voyager harness 1
Voyager harness 1
Voyager harness 1

A lightweight harness, designed for trekking.

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VOYAGER PLUS was designed for a wide range of pilots, and above all for pilots who like reaching mountain peaks on foot and flying back down to the valley floor. Voyager Plus utilizes the same reversible concept as the Voyager harness (in which the rear part of the harness becomes the rucksack), but in this case it has a larger rucksack, with more accessories, offering even greater comfort, and with the container for the reserve parachute built in under the seat. This very high-quality product is hallmarked by safety, lightness, reduced volume, versatility, and comfort in use.

By using the reversible formula, Cordura and light nylon textiles, we have been able to reduce weight to just 3.95 kg.

The airbag provides optimum protection in case of impact. During flight, the reversible rucksack itself becomes an Airbag, providing protection for the back.


-The pocket on the right shoulder strap for the Security card is readily visible
-The seat is adjustable in depth
-On the rear part of the rucksack, special loops hold telescopic trekking poles firmly in position during flight
-Polycarbonate seat plate
-There are two pockets that are accessible during flight, one on the right with zip-fastener closure, and one on the left in webbing with safety strap
-The harness is fitted with attachments for fitting a camel-bag, which can be used both in flying configuration and in rucksack configuration

The Rucksack of the VOYAGER PLUS
-On the rear of the rucksack, there are two long pockets for telescopic trekking poles, which can be used in order to hold them securely in position during flight;
-There is also a lateral pocket in webbing, and an upper pocket with sip closure;
-On the ventral part of the rucksack, there are two other small pockets, one in elasticated lycra, and one with a zip closure to hold small objects;


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