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Advance BIKID

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Make Kids Happy!!! The BIKID is a tandem kids harness suitable for kids from approximately 100 to 130 cm tall.

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£375.00 inc. VAT

Pioneering Spirit and Swiss Precision

  • Putting our ideas into the air. That’s what we can do. For more than 30 years, ADVANCE have kept the needs and wishes of our pilots at the forefront. With Swiss precision we refine model after model. Highest quality and absolute reliability have our top priority, in the air and in our customer service. So from pioneers we have become perfectionists, and a leading worldwide comprehensive service provider.
  • The BIKID is a tandem kids harness suitable for passengers from approximately 100 to 130 cm tall.Certification The BIKID is certified according to EN/LTF for a maximum weight of 100 kg (load test only). Disclaimer Every pilot carries sole responsibility for all risks associated with paragliding, including injury and death. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller of paragliding equipment can guarantee the  safety of the pilot or be held responsible for it.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Back stowage
  • Velcro for a micro vario
  • Mini chest strap
  • Drawstring for easy folding


  • Foras carabiners with Antitwist
  • Extensions
  • BIKID Bag

Technical Bkid_Technical_Data

Connecting with a solo-glider

  • The BIKID can be hooked directly into the main carabiners of a solo paraglider using the extensions supplied. Depending on the size of the kid, you can choose between two distances.
  • Long distance: Hook the extensions with the loops directly into the carabiners.
  • Short distance: "Halve" the extensions by putting them through the main carabiner and hook both loops onto the BIKID carabiner.
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