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Calypso 2

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Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight
Gin Calypso 2 lightweight

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The Calypso 2 is your passport to a new world of adventure, ready to discover new places and routes, both on the ground and in the air.

The Calypso 2 has a lightweight design concept, intended to meet the needs of recreational and progressive pilots who like to travel, hike and even cross country.


The Rigifoil, evolved

A new feature of the Calypso 2 is a mini rib with a Nitinol rod located in the central part of the cell and a short tension cord between the upper and lower cells on the leading edge. Like the original patented Rigifoil system, this helps maintain the precise shape of the leading edge, which has wide-ranging benefits in terms of flight characteristics. Inflation, stability, handling and performance have improved significantly.


Takeoffs without stress...

As a result of design considerations, weight-saving construction and cutting-edge improvements, the Calypso 2 has one of the easiest takeoffs in our range. If the terrain or conditions start to get challenging, the Calypso 2 has your back!


...Stress-free flights

The Calypso 2 offers precise and progressive braking pressure and transmits a coherent but controlled response through the brakes and risers. You will be able to understand the air better and maximize your fun. The wing offers exceptional passive safety but also responds well to more active actions as you progress through the flight and begin to relax in the sky.


Low weight, low folded volume

Thanks to the Nitinol rods on the leading edge, the optimized internal structure and the geometry of the lines, weight is reduced without compromising flight characteristics. The Nitinol rods allow a very compact fold. The Calypso 2 can be worn with one of our lightweight reversible harnesses or with a conventional harness and an X-Lite backpack, resulting in a flight kit with a total weight of less than 10 kg.


Extended weight range

The Calypso 2 is certified with an extended weight range for greater flexibility of use. Flying in the medium range of normal weight, pilots with little time in the air will discover an easy wing, with good behavior and great efficiency when ascending in thermals. By flying with higher wing loading in the extended weight range, pilots can have peace of mind when carrying additional equipment or loading the wing for dynamic flight.

Gin Calypso 2 spec


Optional dyneema bands

For riders who want to go even lighter and more compact, an optional Dyneema riser set is available. This saves around 200g compared to standard bands.

Gin Calypso 2 lightweight



Designer Gin Seok Song explains the development process of Calypso 2:

“For the Calypso 2 we worked a lot on the internal construction to improve flight characteristics without increasing weight. We found that the Rigifoil mini on the leading edge works very well in this airfoil and has benefits in many areas such as inflation, stability, handling and performance.

This makes takeoff really easy. The sail is raised progressively with minimal effort and without lowering. It is no problem to take off even in tight spaces.

We choose sheathed lines to minimize strength and weight while providing easy ground handling, dimensional stability and durability.

For the hood fabric, we chose a proven combination of 34g, 32g and 27g Porcher fabric to provide durability and stiffness where needed and minimize weight in less critical areas."


Gin Calypso 2 Colours


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