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Advance Alpha 7

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Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7
Advance Alpha 7

Spread your wings like a bird, step lightly into the air and simply fly away: the ALPHA 7 is your perfect partner for making this a reality!

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The new ALPHA 7 is ready.

You want to live your dream of flying. As a beginner or leisure pilot you’d like a paraglider that you can trust 100%. The ALPHA 7 has this essential quality.

It is the classic for first flights.

Its predecessor has been one of the most successful beginner paragliders of all time. As a result, many of you flying instructors hoped for as few alterations as possible; some others have suggested definite ideas for improvements - all in all a demanding starting position for our development team.

For this reason the ALPHA 6 consistently remained the benchmark during the exhaustive development process. We set the bar high, and required that the ALPHA 7 show improvement in several areas and should guarantee to score better or at least as well as the ALPHA 6 in all evaluation criteria. It should represent an even better, rounded package, so that the flying instructor spends a stress-free day at the training field, and his/her students have even more fun in the air.

Many of the improvements are not evident at a first look. Optically the ALPHA 7 is very similar to its forerunner, so we’ve put together the novelties for you in this document, explained in detail.

Pioneering spirit and Swiss precision.

Enable our ideas to fly, that’s what we do. Since our beginnings over 30 years ago, ADVANCE has kept the needs, wishes and experiences of our pilots at  the forefront. With Swiss precision, we refine model after model. The highest quality and absolute reliability are part of the experience, in the air an in our customer service. So from pioneers, we have become perfectionists and a leading worldwide comprehensive service provider.

Quick facts

  • Lively and fun handling like the ALPHA 6
  • More inherently stable in roll
  • Canopy is a little softer, giving a more damped feedback
  • High turbulence absorption provides a more comfortable feeling in flight
  • Even more passive safety due to improved extreme flight characteristics

Technical Features and Comparison with the ALPHA 6

  • One cell less

  • This makes another central support possible, which compensates for inconvenient asymmetric weight shift and so improves rolling characteristics.
  • Curvature

  • Better roll behaviour, more stable, slightly more performance.

  • Twist

  • The result is more balanced handling with somewhat less brake pressure.

  • Canopy Tension

  • Damped canopy feedback and improved absorption of turbulence.

  • Suspension

  • This modification leads to even better extreme flight behaviour and therefore enhanced passive safety.

Uncomprominsgly Safe Due To A long Stall Point:

Well-proven “Air Scoop Technology” at the leading edge combined with typical ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes achieve a significantly lower stall point, with clearly progressive brake loading. Long brake travel raises passive safety, especially for the inexperienced beginner.

Advance Quality LightBuild

The trend towards as light a product as possible has now reached the beginner wing. The ALPHA 7 low weight (4.7 kg for the 26 size) is primarily achieved by a sophisticated interior structure, without sacrifice in quality – the outer surface is made from robust 38 gm fabric. High-quality cloth from European manufacturer Porcher is exclusively used in the ALPHA 7.

Risers with Split Risers (Quick Snap System )

Big ears made ears. A separated, easy to reach A riser make for easy and efficient ALPHA 7 big ears. The ALPHA 7 is easiest to take off using all A-lines, and a “Quick-Snap” magnet system connects both A risers each side on the ground. Line sorting is child’s play. After takeoff, the risers automatically separate and assume their normal position under flying loads.

Automatic Dust Remover

The ALPHA 7 has a straight-through trans-cellular cleaning channel along the leading edge. Foreign objects that might have collected there, such as dust, sand and melting snow can be removed as required. Open the Velcro on the stabilos
to provide an exit. Dirt and dust can either shaken out on the ground, or self removed during flight. After removal, the Velcro exits are stowed again. 


Advance Alpha 7 spec



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