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FlySpain paragliding school offers outstanding paragliding holidays, based in the finest area of South West Spain, famed for its year-round reliable weather. Apart from the paragliding lessons and the paragliding courses we run here, we also offer specialist courses abroad during our downtime.

We have everything you need, this beautiful region is famed for its perfect paragliding, cross country conditions and has been host to numerous British, Spanish National and World Hang-gliding and paragliding championships. 

Plenty of flying sites  

The combination of the Sierra de Lijar and over twelve other flying sites means we cater for all wind directions, providing the consistently good flying conditions that enable us to fly uninterrupted during the year.

Reliable Weather and good teaching conditions - we achieve over 22 days per month of reliable flying, that's three times better than anywhere else in Europe. 

The reliable Azores that builds from early spring, gives rise to a cloud base of between 5,500–9,000 feet. As well as ensuring experienced flyers get the most and highest and furthest from their holiday, the reliability of the weather here is crucial to the progress and airtime of paragliding beginners.