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XC Mag Photo Competition

Many pilots, myself included, have tonnes of images stored on there phones or floating on some 'cloud' somewhere, ironically. If you are one of those pilots then get scrolling and grab your best shot because XC Mag have launched a seriously exciting competition, their inaugural Free Flight Photographer 2018. The prize winner will have an image printed in XC Mag...yes!

Get Published open those glossy pages some day and see your favourite image in print, whether you are an amateur or an pro action sports photographer, that must be pretty proud moment. It will be of no surprise if this becomes an annual event in the paragliding calendar for some, much like their annual Win a Paraglider Prize Draw.

So, heres what you need to know. The photograph must be a still shot taken on a camera or mobile. No screen grabs from videos allowed. They want to see some real talent. The photograph must have been taken between the 1st June 2017 and 15th September 2018. There are four themes, which are XC-Flying, Adventure, Competition and Out There. 

The bar has certainly been set high as the competition will be judged by an award winning panel of professional sports photographers, including the very well known paragliding photographer Jérôme Maupoint.

Fore more information on the comp check out XC Mag or PhotoCrowd

If you dont have a shot to submit then get out there and get snapping, but fly safe. Taking photographs while flying can be distracting and often requires the pilot to let go of the controls. This is not a good idea for beginner pilots or low airtime pilots, especially in rough or thermic conditions. If you are serious about understanding more about flight safety check out one of our SIV coures or Post Club Pilot Mentor Plus courses.

Good luck with your entries and Happy Landings

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