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Congratulations to another group of five BHPA Club pilots who qualified  late November and Decmber with us here in Flyspain. We've qualified over thirty pilots since September this year to the level of novice club pilots on our beginner paragliding courses. All this is due to a couple of crucial factors, we have great weather and mixed with our full time overseas Paragliding school of Bhpa fluent English speaking instructors. 

The teaching style is relaxed but proffessional, friendly and safe, what we and many others think is a great environment to learn ground handling our wonderful sport of paragliding.

No one else  knows the area better than us for teaching and flying.We have been running tuition courses and training here In southern Spain from January through to December for over ten years.

We offer only BHPA qualifications without any bogus conversion course to be done in the UK. We can obviously offer an IPPI card if you want to travel far and wide with your glider too. By the end of two week syou too can be flying with Vultures.

If you'd like to know any more about our flying check out our website for paragliding videos and testimonials, our calendar for course availability or drop us a line direct.