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Whats the Maverick like to fly - Read our Review

Parajet MaverickParajet Maverick


Options: For many years now Parajet have designed nice looking frames that you can put a mix off engines into, The Maverick can come with either an Atom 80, Eos 100, A Moster in various forms or choice of Polini engines. Ours is the Moster Plus 

  • Engine: Vitorazzi Moster plus
  • Frame: Titanium frame with plastic outer hoop and net
  • Power hp: 25hp at 7800rpm
  • Thrust: 75kg
  • Weight: 25kg (no fuel)
  • Fuel Capacity and consumption: 10 litres 4.5 litres an hour consumption, 2 hours airtime
  • Harness: Dudek powerseat
  • Reserve options: Dudek side mounted (only compatible with Dudek harness) or Miniplane  or similar front mounted reserve

Needless to say, our description  of maintenance are only the salient points of this particular machine, there are of course a list of checks you'll have to make to keep on tp of general wear and tear.

  • Maintenance: Apart from the Brass bushing that fits into exhaust outlet, which has to be replaced every 25 hours of flight. Standard annual carb clean and gasket change. It's a very reliable engine.
  • Assembly: all pretty easy, Net slides off of titanium hoop then hoop and spars disconnect. Ideal for taking on a plane. The only faff can be the tightening of the net.
  • Starting Characteristics: Requires a prime before starting, when warm starts first time, when cold with a good technique will often fire after 5 pulls. Like all these machines, they all have their quirks, be patient and learn what they are.
  • Throttle choice : Now you can get a chocie of Parajets chunky option, the polini or Vitorrazi option ours was the Parajet optionParajet Maverick photo 2

Summary of flying

The Maverick is exactly what it claims to be. A lightweight well engineered, titanium frame and chassis. Fitted with the Moster plus, the Maverick is a brilliant all rounder, ideal for cross country due to its comfortable seating position and lack of torque steer. It is also ideal for freestyle based flying thanks to the grunt from the Moster engine.

If you’re looking for British engineering in a lightweight yet powerful combo suitable for a wide variety of flying then look no further.

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