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We're back flying from Colombia and open for Spring 2018

This was our fourth trip to Colombia over a six-year period. The country did not let us done, in fact, its cleary on the upward push in terms of tourism. The roads are better, there's some great paragliding infrastructure to help us journey around this great country. 

We spent two weeks paragliding there and flew every day, we  took one rest day on the Sunday which happened to offer the worst of the weather. We averaged 15 hours, many did over 20 hrs over the fortnight, more personal best targets hit than on any previous holiday. For example, hours flown averaging 3 hrs thermalling per day, height records of over 2,400 meters, distance flown, best of the trip was 86 k but there were plenty of 30 - 50 k flights, so plenty of adventures. We will no doubt be running two more trips next year, one fortnight to Nepal, the other to Colombia. To give you a better idea of the vibe and colour of Colombia check out Gur's video of the trip.


Needless to say you can put your name down on the list anytime to join us next year, the benchmark for joining us is the ability to take off without help 99% of the time and have some basic thernalling skills, coaching will be radio and debriefs plus as usual we are one of the few companies that use Live tracking devises for safety and help speed up retrieve.

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