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Want some Winter flying or tuition then head to Spain this coming February

Winter trainingIts Novemeber 16th and we have just shy off twenty pilots out making paramotor cross country flights, a bunch of guys learning how to fly paragliders with Ross and Jack and a group out on the guiding course with Stuart and John C. FlySpain is the only BHPA paragliding flight centre still working full time over winter. We can due to a combo off years of experience working in Spain and a great mix of great flying and teaching sites unique to us and the great team of guys that work for us to make the expereince as best as it can get. 

FlySpain have run paragliding tuition and courses full time over winter from September right through to late June. We briefly stop at Xmas to reboot, repair and unwind before starting again in February. We run an extensive list of courses and holidays for both Paraglidng and Paramotoring as well as more advanced paraglidng holidays for the more experienced through to SIV and pilotage courses here in Spain.

All our team of instructors are highly season flyers and educators and share one key skill, they are great at making a relaxing environment for you either learn or enjoy your flying. 

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