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Two fantastic months of weather and paragliding tuition

Over the last two months, we have run both paragliding courses and paramotor training for completely new students. We've run courses for new budding paraglider pilots and refresher courses for rusty Ep pilots.

Ep early morning

We've had great weather, that has allowed us ample time for important ground handling sessions, a bucketful of airtime in soaring skills. We even managed through epic weather conditions to get all-important top landings achieved. As with all new good pilot training, repetitive big flights allow plenty of altitude for achieving multiple tasks like big ears and deflations, pitch control, and various paragliding descent techniques.beginners student flights


Our flying school has been based in Algodonales, Andalucia for almost 20 years, we have loved paragliding for over 25 years and we still love paragliding to this very day. Our experience and reputation as the largest and most successful school in Europe are legendary.

Day four paragliding  Ep student flights

Our courses are distilled from expert paragliding knowledge, combined with truly private and exceptional training sites and great weather. The perfect training environment for paragliding tuition is essential for making the most of your training course. Add our fantastic accommodation and brilliantly equipped paragliding school have you have the best training combination ever!

End of week celebrations

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