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The Chorizo Paragliding Cup, come fly further with us!

FlySpain has an ethos of responsible coaching throughout their course so he can this year we’re running some small friendly competition weeks.

Apart for the obviously sizzling bbq experience of Chorizo, we’ll be running two vans for up to 15 pilots for a task setting week in Algo. It will be fun friendly and educational.Coaching session, route planning

This May, we are running our first Competition week, it will be limited to just two vans so a max of 16 pilots, we want to organise a week of tasks, some lecture evenings, some useful stuff that will push you just like competitions but with a small number to encourage you to fly further.

The cost will just like a guided week, inc accommodation, have two vans and drivers on hand and two guides to help with the day. There will be prizes and of course a BBQ with some of the biggest names in Chorizo.

It should be a great week of fun and flying. It will be open to just pilots with B Category wings, and we'll make sure tasks are attainable for all. We plan to run 3 or four a year, depends on interest I guess.

Email us for more information or Book Here or on the calendar


FlySpain runs many exciting trips to wonderful places across the world in our downtime over winter, you are more than welcome to join us on one of our many other worldwide trips.

See our calendar for where we are going next or if you want to join us for some equally great flying then try one of our guided trips in Spain.

Numbers are limited on these holidays, so if you would you'd like to get your name down for next year you can reserve your place in the pickup 

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