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The Chorizo Paragliding Cup, come fly further with us!

Ok... so its just a working title, years ago I fancied organising a big event here, however, everyone now knows how lovely it is here now so I've no need to broadcast that.

11th December 2018

Next May, we are running Our first Competition week, it will be limited to just two vans so a max of 16 pilots, we want to organise a week of tasks, some lecture evenings, some useful stuff that will push you just like competitions but with a small number to encourage you to fly further.

The cost will just like a guided week, inc accommodation, have two vans and drivers on hand and two guides to help with the day. There will be prizes and of course a BBQ with some of the biggest names in Chorizo. It should be a great week of fun and flying. It will be open to just pilots with B Category wings, and we'll make sure tasks are attainable for all. We plan to run 3 or four a year, depends on interest I guess. Email us for more information or Book Here or on the calendar